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Friday, 1 October 2010

Tax accountant thinks right wing bloggers are uninspired

Richard Murphy the tax accountant posts here that right-wing bloggers aren't creative. He may consider my comment (awaiting moderation, no doubt indefinitely) on his website;

Oh ruddy heck. A tax accountant - the most mind-numbingly tedious of the bean-counting sub-species bar actuaries - thinks right-wing bloggers may not be creative. 

Mr Murphy, with a smile like a sphincter damming last night's curry, who in  his profession has created nothing with a lifespan beyond next year's tax audit, has without doubt walked into the foyers of buildings designed and built by right wing bloggers, has eaten lunches cooked by right wing bloggers in restaurants run by right wing bloggers. On expenses. He has used websites created by right wing bloggers to book tickets for a show produced by a right wing blogger featuring an artiste who blogs in her spare time for the right wing blogosphere. The bloke who designed the dark-grey polyester fabric for M&S' budget suit range favoured by tax accountants blogs for the right wing, as does the factory boss who makes them up in Bromsgrove. Mr Snurd, whose watercolours of the Algarve decorate the living rooms of Britain's tax accountants, blogs as 'Rush is Extremely Right'. Across the right wing blogosphere, bloggers sear a trail of coruscating invective, blazing comet-tails of blinding verbal dexterity, perseid showers of prose with an articulacy and fluency that bespeaks the highest reaches of creative familiarity with the English language. Mr Murphy the tax accountant offers us ... someone else's cartoon. 

Well, I'll press the 'submit comment' button but with little hope that Mr Murphy possesses even the scintilla of creativity required to publish it. 


Quiet_Man said...

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.

Anonymous said...

Right wing bloggers make the world go around, how dull life would be without them.
What is wrong with telling it like it is?

Anonymous said...

The reason that will not be published is simply because accountants only understand turgid accountants' prose. [Could that be termed "prosaic prose?]