Thursday, 21 October 2010

UK: 19% spending cut, EU: 6% spending rise

As the coalition austerity budget laid out how 19% was to be trimmed from public expenditure, the EU announced a 6% increase in its own budget. Our 'contribution' - and this is clearly the wrong term, for this is not an office whip-round but rather a brutal extortion racket run by a crooked cabal of untouchables - is set to rise from £8.3bn to £9.2bn. If our 'contribution' had instead been cut by 19%, what would it have paid for?

A cut of £1.6bn would pay for 64,000 extra squaddies, or alternatively two or three additional infantry battalions plus retaining Harrier jets for the carriers. It would have stopped the closure of magistrates courts that will leave just two courts to serve the whole of Suffolk. 

But no. All this and more will pay for more Eurocrats on fat packages, more luxury travel and champagne receptions for the nomenclatura, for deeper troughs no doubt of exquisite Italian design in which Brussels can thrust its collective snout. It's inequitable. It's insufferable. It stinks like rotten Mackerel.  

The Gestapo used to establish themselves in the most iconic buildings in their conquered territory, buildings that were once adorned with national flags. Just so has the EU now completed an expensive refit of the old Tory party HQ in Smith Square and the EU rag now hangs like a Nazi banner where once flew in the breeze our own proud flag. If some munificent Act of God were to raze the building to a flaming pyre and its hateful rag with it both Smith Square and London would gain. 


gildas said...

Great stuff well written

Anonymous said...

I am in awe and in your shadow Raewald, what a fine piece, thank you but what to do?
How can the seemingly oblivious public be galvanised into rejecting this 4th Reich?
What will it take?
I was hoping the collapse of the Euro would occur this Autumn but they (the politburo of Bruxelles) have obviously yanked some very powerful ropes - backhanders and arm twisting, to prevent the collapse of Greece/Spain/Ireland/Portugal.
I watch the continued French disruption and hope that that the protesters will do some major structural damage to their economy.
Will they pull back from the brink?

The whole rotten edifice needs to be buried, but how?
And, when will the British wake up?
Or has 37 years of socialist poison and dumbing down, now so infantilised the nation that to withdraw by democratic means is no longer possible?

I am fully aware of most of the consequences of a collapse in the Eurozone - it would not be pretty but it would be of benefit to us all in the long run.
May God curse the bastard who signed us up to this canker and the party who allowed him to, for it is the Red Tories (and their bed companions/infestation in Labour/lib dhimms) who are the enemy still.

Socialist scum is all they ever were and this remains the case today.

BashTheMsm said...

great article, but re the "cuts", i am weary of government declarations of cuts, usually it means cuts of spending increase, not cuts of spending in absolute terms. i have seen somewhere that the -19% spendind cuts will anyway result in increased spending in 2014

BashTheMsm said...

had a look at the government budget
(or whatever it is)

page 17

Public sector current expenditure for 2010/2011 Bln 637.3, for 2014/2015 Bln 692.7

can hardly call that a "cut"