Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How long can the Hun take it?

The poor old Hun has always been a great hoarder; from the gold coins buried under the hearth to store cupboards full of pickled vegetables. Their savings accounts are bulging. But now they're being asked to spend all their hard-hoarded wealth to bail out the improvident Southern Europeans who live just for the day. How much more can they take before the backlash starts?  


Anonymous said...

I sympathise with the German savers, why the *&£4 should they bail out their unrelated cousins.
More to the point, I hope they do start laying into their Federalist nutter slimeball Bunderstag politicians, 'bout bloody time.

On AGW, it is exactly the same problem, Der Deutsche ubermenschen 'elite' believe in the EU and worship at the temple of AGW, BUT...the people grow ever restless.

When the Germans become fed up with their control freak leaders (time to worry) that's when the EU goes under.

Anonymous said...

Feckles southern Europeans? What about the feckin northern Europeans, i.e. Ireland. The Celtic (Siberian) Tiger. About to become extinct.

I wonder, I just wonder what France and Germany will do with the € when they get fed up. Back to the FF and DM methinks!

The point that everyone overlooked in the formation of the € is that (wow it has instant critical mass) it is not in any way governed by similar or like minded fiscal poicies and that some governments, like Greece and Ireland, no doubt thought that their boat had come in and the gravy train was rolling their way. Party over.

Coney Island

Mcgraw said...

Germany and Austria .
Is their really a will amongst the German taxpayers to cough up.
Is their ,"guv", strong enough to convince them of that ?
Culturally tied Germany and Austria.
Austria have said no more !
The german in the street will follow.
I suspect, the EU in it's present form is toast.
The presses will be churning out DM and S soon I think.
Short term it's pain but long term it's the end of the big government experiment in Europe.
Thank god.
The EU is.....
Doomed ! Doomed ! Doomed !

Demetrius said...

This could get very rough.

Blue Eyes said...

It depends on whether the German taxpayers believe there is some gain in buying Ireland et al.. Will they want to try flexing their muscles in this way? I suspect not. German "patriotism" is largely restricted to football competitions.

Anonymous said...

Many Germans were mad as hell about losing their Deutsche Marks, it was a status symbol of the German 'miracle', it was a world currency and a 'resort' currency, they (the Germans) did not lightly surrender the DM.
'For the greater good' they thought, that - they gave it (the DM) away but the Germans remained deeply suspicious indeed, angst ridden.

Austria may just have poked the hornets nest in the 'Fatherland', the Germans are fed up of Angie baby too.
Bring it on, I say.

Joye 510 said...

Was always the favorite year for a royal wedding; competing with both the Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012 would have been just too much.