Monday, 15 November 2010

Is the Commons finding its balls?

Reports that enough Tory MPs may support amendments to Cameron's 'Sovereignty' Bill to actually make the thing meaningful are encouraging; not that, I suspect, their action will make any difference to the Bill, but because it demonstrates that Parliament is rediscovering what it is it's supposed to be doing. All strength to their arm.


Anonymous said...

I bloody well hope so. They still don't quite get it do they - "referendum if POLITICIANS think it appropriate". Yeah, right.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

40 + eh .
And the other 600 odd ?
Well at least we will know who the traitors are.

Anonymous said...

I was told, that, you can't find what isn't there, Enoch Powell was the last time a man walked into Parliament.
Indeed, Powell was a MAN, who could hold his head high, a principled gentleman.
He was also, a sublime orator and possessed, an absolutely towering intellect - My word! - he was too good for politics and for that rat run in the commons.
No, there isn't a man among 'em, there are some lasses who make big bollocks though - eh Hattie?

Budgie said...

"Is the Commons finding its balls?"

In a word, no. An occasional scratch doesn't get rid of the crabs.