Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lying to win

Socialist politician Woolas, whose crooked electoral victory was overturned by an electoral court yesterday, wore a look of genuine puzzlement as press photographers snapped him; he simply couldn't see anything wrong in having lied to win his seat; after all, the entire Labour campaign, all his Leader's speeches and the bulk of his party's electoral literature was based on lies - why shouldn't he add a few personal ones?

Morally, of course, he has a point. Labour couldn't win a dead sardine without lying, so why the fuss about minor, personal lies about an opponent when the whoppers about everything else are perfectly OK? The confusion of Woolas and fellow MPs on this point is understandable. The law is based on a concept known to very few of them, the expectation that MPs will act honourably. The virtue is one completely alien to the modern MP of Woolas' ilk, but is one of our strange quirky old customs I'd personally like to retain. 


Barnacle Bill said...

I hope his former opponent now sues his rear-end off!

Span Ows said...

Funny isn't it and it certainly isn't party specific: had any of them decency about 400 would have resigned during the expenses scandal...I know most were "within the rules" but sometimes they need to show that the "get it". They still don't.

JohnofEnfield said...

Amusingly - The Times today expresses regret about the involvement of the Courts in the practise of Politics.

I have always found Woolas a disgusting excuse for a human being - he was always wheeled out on Newsnight to defend the indefensible in an indefensible way.

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree with you on Wolas.
Less sure that MPs have ever behaved honourably.

Anonymous said...

The process of getting these lying thieving bastards into our courts and punished (ha ha) is all too painfully slow. And what about Lord Paul, Baroness Udin and the other miserable scrote, Bhatia. They, along with 400 other MPs were dishonest as well.

This country is still not purged from their putrescent stink. The process needs to move at a frightening pace - frightening enough to serve as a dire warning to other wanna-be troughers.

Coney Island

Woodsy42 said...

The saddest fact of the whole debacle is that many of these people have such a deficiency of morals that they don't even understand what they have done wrong.
They think that squeezing and manipulating the rules for their personal benefit is perfectly OK.

Don Cox said...

I'm inclined to agree with Bill Quango that MPs haven't been all that honourable in the past. Lloyd George is the obvious example. If they were really honourable, they wouldn't need to keep calling each other "honourable". Unless they mean honour among thieves.

Anyway, it is about time they started being honest. The first thing to do would be to increase the salaries and completely abolish expenses.

Don Cox said...

Just for comparison, the Minister of Local Government in Zimbabwe is divorcing his wife. A decade ago, he had no money. They are now fighting over:

She also wants the court to award her 15 of the family vehicles that

- 4 Toyota Land Cruisers
- 3 Mercedes Benzes
- Mahindra
- 2 Nissan Wolfs,
- 1 Toyota Vigo,
- 1 Mazda BT-50,
- 1 Bus
- 1 Nissan Hardbody
- 1 Toyota Hilux

Mrs Chombo is also claiming other properties that include:
- 2 Glen View houses
- 2 flats in Queensdale,
- A property in Katanga Township,
- Stand Number 1037 Mount Pleasant Heights
- 4 Norton business stands
- 3 Chinhoyi business stands,
- 4 Banket business stands,
- 1 commercial stand in Epworth,
- 2 residential stands in Chirundu
- 4 commercial stands in Kariba
- 1 stand in Ruwa
- 1 stand in Chinhoyi,
- 2 stands in Mutare
-  2 stands in Binga.
- 4 stands in Victoria Falls
-  1 stand in Zvimba Rural
- Chitungwiza (two residential and two commercial stands)
- Beitbridge (four stands),
- 20 stands in Crow Hill, Borrowdale
- 10 stands in Glen Lorne,
- 2 flats at Eastview Gardens (B319 and B320)
- 1 flat at San Sebastian Flats in the Avenues, Harare
- Number 79 West Road, Avondale.
- Greendale house
- Number 36 Cleveland Road, Milton Park
- Number 135 Port Road, Norton,
- 2 Bulawayo houses.
- Number 18 Cuba Rd, Mount Pleasant
- Number 45 Basset Crescent, Alexandra Park,
- 2 Chegutu houses
- 1 Glen Lorne house (Harare)
- 2 houses (Victoria Falls).
- Stand along Simon Mazorodze Road,
- Norton (one stand)
- Avondale (two stands)
- 365 Beverly House (one stand)
- Bulawayo (three stands),
- Mica Point Kariba (one stand).

She further wants the court to share farming equipment at New Allan
Grange Farm including three tractors, two new combine harvesters, two
boom sprayers and two engines.

She is also seeking an order compelling Minister Chombo to cede to
her shares in the family's 10 companies including Dickest, Hamdinger,
Landberry and Track in Security Company.

Mrs Chombo, in her court papers, is also claiming cattle at Darton
Farm, shared chicken runs, pigsties, a shop, grinding mill, house,
mills, tractors, lorries, six trucks, five of which are non-runners,
four trailers (three non-runners) and one truck.

She added that other interests were the Mvurwi Mine, hunting safari
lodges in Chiredzi, Hwange, Magunje and Chirundu as well as
properties in South Africa.


Budgie said...

Yes, and "British jobs for British workers" and "No more boom and bust" were lies as well.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Why pick on Woolas and why focus on campaign lies? It seems a little unfair, given the absolutely widespread electoral abuses fostered by NuLab in "Muslim areas".

I suppose he upset someone with real power.

We will never actually find out, as usual.