Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The septics are angry

That hopey-changey thing took a kick in the gonads yesterday as America gave Obama a monster drubbing at the November mid-terms. He had perhaps picked the worst time ever to try to turn the USA from a tenaciously independent conglomeration of self-sufficient wealth generators into a jaded European-style Welfare Republic. But it's not just Medicare that's angering the septics; it's the whole QE Ferdy and Freddy Chinese goods derivatives trillions and tax thing that's putting the needle in. When a septic feels his way of life is threatened, he stocks his larder with bacon, beans and cheez whizz and buys a gun. Right now, a record number of guns are being sold. 

Wall Street and Washington have failed Springfield, and what's worse Springfield's going to have to bear increased taxes for about a hundred years to pay for it. And, to use the vernacular, they're pissed.

Andrew Neil's tour de horizon of the Tea Parties earlier this week confirmed that it's Tea Parties plural, a protest movement agglomerating at local level, self-defining, but with one tremendous and simple unifying tenet - that Big State America must be stopped in its tracks. And Amen to that.    


Anonymous said...

I hope and believe the Americans are coming to their senses, what will it take for this nation to do the same?

The infantilization process, is maybe too far "down the line", here in Britain - how this must make the goons in the Bruxelles Politburo smile - no, fall off their seats in mirthful glee more like, mission accomplished!

If we did try to leave the EU, would our new allies allow it? ....(shell the shell of the fleet at Portsmouth), any opportunity to gain revenge for Mers-el-Kabir.

Nick Drew said...

I am as hostile to welfarism and big govt interference as the next man

but there are some real nut-jobs loose in the tea parties, and poujadism never got anyone very far

the US political system works its mysterious way and it's a great nation, we may hope for the best

but if (as Neil surmised) this 'movement' throws up a leader, and if (s)he is of the wrong kind ... the Chinese will be loving every minute - nothing is more certain to accelerate their eventual hegemony

Woodsy42 said...

Hey - what are these 'septics'? I accept some infections can make you angry and some collections of puss may be involved, But I think in this case you have perhaps lost a letter and mean 'skeptics' :-)

English Pensioner said...

Unlike the US, probably 50% of the people in employment in this country are employed directly or indirectly by the state. National Government, Government Authorities and Agencies, Quangos, Local Government, Regional Development Organisations, Police, Teachers, the BBC, and last but not least, the NHS.
None of these are going to rock the boat.

Anonymous said...

'Septic' as in 'Septic Tank' (Yank)
rhyming slang .... innit?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another thing. Oklahomans have voted to ban any type of sharia- mild, moderate or radical, to be applied in any form in their state. Many Oklahomans do not like what they see happening in Britain. It is pre-emptive action, rather then wait till it is too late.

The Mohamedans in Oklahoma are whining, claiming they are victims of "Islamophobia", and are threatening to annul the referendum via the courts.

Woodsy42 said...

"'Septic' as in 'Septic Tank' (Yank)"

Ah! Yes of course, silly me. Thanks.

I must have been born too far from Bow Bells.