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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

More to cut still

Lewisham's settlement for next year is about £25m down in cash terms, about 7%. Not a deep hit. So far the council has come up with just £12m of savings for 2011/12, but you can be sure they've got a phase II list in reserve. Being a good Labour council it's been saving the 'pain' items for the settlement announcement, to make maximum political capital out of the cuts. On 29th November, the town hall was besieged by the agitprop crowd, and no doubt the council will be giving them plenty of notice for the supplementary cuts meeting.

Hey ho.   


Blue Eyes said...

Yup, in Lambeth the council "free" sheet has been screaming about government cuts for a while. Yet strangely my local councillor keeps on sending out the "how would you like xxx budget spent in your area?" emails to which I invariably reply "don't".

Bill Quango MP said...

Boxing day in Lewisham for me.
I really don't care for it much, being a West Londoner.