Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New mood of violence

A recent ComRes poll has found that Generation Y are getting more militant; 40% of 18 - 24 year olds think that violent demonstrations are justified if politicians fail to keep their promises, compared to 20% of the population as a whole. Most in support of street violence describe themselves as Labour voters. However, most of us won't be sorry if they get a drenching; 64% support the use of water cannon against violent protesters with only 22% opposing use. 

It seems there will be plenty to keep PC Delroy Smellie busy over 2011. 

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Anonymous said...

It isn't just Gen-Yers. If you'd asked 18-24 year olds this same question in pretty much any period from the 1960s onwards, you'd probably find that 40% of them gave the same answer. They only calm down when they get older.

Gen-X is the possible exception to this, since when they were 18-24 they were all sitting around in flannel shirts, listening to Nirvana and practising looking bored and sardonic.