Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Labour's sleazy and corrupt self-interest

Labour are proving their endemic sleaze and corruption didn't end when the country threw Gordon Brown out of 10 Downing Street. Later this week the Electoral Commission will publish its report on the probity of last May's election, and again we will hear a litany of Labour electoral fraud, false registrations, stolen postal votes, intimidation, protection rackets and a local corruption so deeply rooted as to define Labour; the Party still stinks like rotten Mackerel. 

In the Lords the Comrades have finished their twelfth day of obstructing the constituency reform bill; they would rather destroy the Lords than lose the tainted and fraudulent advantage of the Rotten Constituencies, largely Labour seats with so few voters they are the exact equivalent of the Rotten Boroughs we fought so hard to reform at the beginning of the nineteenth century. As Michael Pinto-Duschinsky has said, the UK's standards for electoral quota are so far off the international scale to be almost unmeasurable; Cameron's proposals to bring constituencies back to +/- 5% of the electoral quota is in the widest envelope of international standards. Some nations hold as close to 2%. But this eminent good governance is anathema to Labour's corrupt corpus, and to try to sabotage it they will risk the role of our reforming chamber. 

Quite how that arch-thug Brown had the brass neck to bleat about 'fairness' whilst denying the British people the most fundamental of equal rights - one citizen, one vote - is utterly beyond me. Cameron must press on, and we'll deal with these Labour peers later. 

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