Sunday, 9 January 2011

Network Rail's Leylandii Line?

News that the builders plan to line the sides of the new high speed line from London to Birmingham with trees initially brought to mind Napoleon's innovative planting of the Chausse├ęs to provide shade for his marching troops (or to extend the courtesy to the invading Huns, as some cruel wits have it). However, a moment's thought will remind us of that curse of rail operation, 'leaves on the line', which rules out deciduous species. I can only conclude therefore that Network Rail are planning to plant that curse of suburban gardens the Leylandii in two continuous lines half way up the country, not only effectively screening the line but providing passengers customers with an uninterrupted view of nothing but manky dark green-brown foliage during their journey. Only in England.


Anonymous said...

Not "Only in England". If you travel on the autobahns in southern Germany you will find the same thing. Altho' they often build berms and put the trees on top. The effect is the same - you drive thru' a dark green cutting.

non mouse said...

Fantastic. So euro-lines it'll be - a continuity of enemy country --- and how much is it going to cost those who pay [whatever the pc buzz term is]?