Friday, 11 February 2011

The answer to MPs' gripes is in Osborne's hands

All the signals are going up that the Political Class has decided to start topping-up the MPs trough again; the BBC are the conduit, as always, to soften up the public, and as usual they start by publishing a piece on which no comments are permitted. 

The issue-ground has been carefully selected as well - MPs' family life and their separation from their children whilst away at work. The first concession will therefore be free travel expenses for MPs wives and children.

Of course the selfish bastards are only concerned with their own family life, not with the effects on our family lives of having to live and work away from home for lengthy periods to put bread on the table. Construction workers and professionals in Dubai and the UAE, Oil workers in Aberdeen or on the rigs, HGV drivers spending ten days a time in Europe can all stuff themselves and screw their family life as far as our MPs are concerned; it's only their cosseted political diddums families that matter, not ours. If we want to see our children, we can pay for it ourselves, but they need us to pay for them to enjoy the same privilege. 

Well here's a message to all you whingeing shits on the green leather benches who are behind this troughing-up; if you really believe that family separation is so important, important enough for the taxpayer to bear the cost of alleviating it, then persuade George Osborne to introduce a tax allowance in the coming budget that will allow all of us, we as well as you, to reclaim 100% of the cost of family travel from our tax. 

No? It's just sleaze, troughing and political corruption, then. 


English Pensioner said...

What particularly angers me is that they knew the terms and conditions of the job when they stood for parliament, just like most other people do when they are applying for a job.
They should be given the same travel expenses as I got when a junior engineer in the civil service. If I was away for more that four continuous weeks at one location, I was graciously allowed a return, 2nd class rail ticket home with the proviso that all travel must be in my own time!
Apply this, and some of the other rules and they might begin to appreciate how well off they are.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? I had dared hope for better after the election. Another false dawn breaks for the British people.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And here's another message for one of those whingeing shits in particular - If you want to go home at 3pm to play with your children, that's great, but don't put in for the job of Deputy Prime Minister: the two are not compatible.