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Sunday, 20 February 2011

King of Tonga in Town?

We of the Yeoman class have never wasted too much time on the Court & Social pages, but I make an exception today with the news that the King of Tonga may attend the royal wedding in a couple of months. I'd be quite happy to greet this large and distinguished gentleman, whose warriors are serving alongside ours in Afghanistan, and whose people, when not enjoying fighting, like nothing more than a hog roast and a game of rugby. It was his grandmother, the massive Queen Salote, who attended the coronation in 1953; when the question arose as to the identity of the diminutive man sharing the Queen's umbrella in the pouring rain, Noel Coward is reported to have replied "Her lunch". Luckily for the Taliban, most Tongans have given up eating 'long pig' these days. 

Long live His Majesty, and may he be very welcome in London. 

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