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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Labour's unforgivable betrayal

So now we know. Shortly after taking office in 1997, Labour opened Britain's doors to all comers - resulting in some 3,200,000 immigrants flooding into the country, against the will of the people. 80% are non EU, and round here most are Africans - without skills or resources, filling the maternity wards, crowding the buses, suffocating public services. Some 20,000 Africans, mostly Nigerians, have moved to this London borough in Labour's period of misrule. Elsewhere they packed our towns and cities with Somalis, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. 

Don't blame the immigrants - they're the innocents in all this. Their behaviour in coming here was rational, and you and I would do the same if our positions were reversed. It's not the fault of the immigrants. No, it is Labour who have unforgivably betrayed the people of this country, Labour whose crooked, corrupt and cynical disregard of democratic legitimacy has changed the face of our nation for ever, without our consent. It's Labour who must be made to pay for this treachery - we must not cease our work until this vile and malignant Party has been wiped from the face of British politics.  


formertory said...

.....and of course, it's Labour who are 10 points ahead in the most recent YouGov poll, no doubt aided by the voting intentions of all those grateful immigrants and certainly by the pathetic display of uncertainty, half-thought-out policies, and U-turns which is - sadly - coming to typify the current administration.

Anonymous said...

Yes 10 % ahead .
Says it all does it not.
Labour are the symptom of a sick nation.
I despise those loopy commie bastards for what they have done.
Worse still I despise the useless sponging parasitic little shits who vote them into power every time.
Their are paradoxically the ones who are kept their by Labour anyway.

Answers R Us said...

Simple. Pass a law denying all immigrants from whichever country a right to vote in any UK election until they have been in the country for at least 15 years.

formertory said...

Not simple at all, unfortunately.

Doesn't solve the problem of the immigrants being here, is hardly what you'd call the action of a liberal democracy, drives a coach and horses through the ECHRA which may be garbage but it's what we're stuck with, courtesy of A. Blair, and just imagine the long and well-paid careers Civil Servants would build out of having to track those who've been banned and are now eligible.

Politicians have done similar non-thinking, though - Blair's brilliant idea of dragging yobs off to cash dispensers for instant fines, and Osborne's fantastic wheeze of using the higher-tax threshold as the arbiter for payment of Child Benefit. So you're in illustrious if-not-apparently-terribly-clever company.

Don Cox said...

At least it is better to live in a country that people are clamouring to get into than in one they are desperate to get out of.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the country is finished. Defences down... A few scimitar wielding Al-Qaeda horseman riding up Whitehall could take over the entire country virtually unopposed. Still one might find an abandoned banana boat washed up on the shore in which to make one's escape.

Anonymous said...

This mess cannot be cleared up using the normal the process of parliamentary politics. What with millions of Muslims, most of them committed to sharia to be implemented in Britain, the time for normal politics is over.

In such a mess, war not only becomes necessary but a moral requirement, as that is the only way Britain, or for that matter the West, can be saved for future.

Tarka the Rotter said...

Gaddafi's a socilaist too - nice people, socialists...

Answer R Us said...

Formertory- you miss my point, which is that without the Muslim votes and other dodgy practices which have recently come to light in the electoral system the Labour Party will be out of power for the foreseeable future - during which time the (real) Conservatives can try to put the country back on its feet - and if that means ditching the ECHR (and there is no reason why the UK cannot denounce it if the will is there) so be it. A lot of the current nonsense Brits have to endure is the direct result of that Convention being passed into UK law. Time to unpass it again and let those who then wish return to their countries do so. It should also be made clear that Sharia Law will never be applicable in the UK. All it needs is a bit of gumption from those who "govern" us to ignore the drippy left wingers and do-gooders, most of whom seem to be merely in it for what they can get out of it than for the greater good of the nation. If no affirmative action is taken to retake our country then the UK will no longer be a place worth living in. Now that all these dictators seem to be falling by the wayside, there is no longer any reason for the so-called asylum seekers to remain.

English Pensioner said...

Much as I detest Labour, the opposition parties, business and the media must carry their fair share of blame.
The opposition was frightened out of its little mind about accusations of racism, and the media wanted to cosy up to Labour and were more obsessed by celebs. Business, of course was happy to employ cheap labour using the arguments that the British don't want to do the dirty or menial work. The latter is rubbish, there are British who will do anything if the money is right, but this is certainly not so when they can get more on the dole.

English Pensioner said...

@ Don Cox
"At least it is better to live in a country that people are clamouring to get into than in one they are desperate to get out of".
But lots of our well educated youngsters are keen to get out, or have already gone. Virtually all my friends have a child or grandchild who has emigrated - US and Australia seem to be the favourites. Both my daughters and sons-in-law are keeping an eye open for anything suitable and although we'd miss them, I'm sure it would be for the best.

Anonymous said...

One good has come out of the rampant Muslim immigration into the lands of "Infidels" - it has woken us up from smug complacency.

Anonymous said...

Yes 3.2M in and 1M out. Now let me guess?...what status did the 1M out hold? Ah yes, they had money and prospects, so they took their money and their skills to other countries. And on their way out they stated that Britain had become a nation that they no longer recognised.

Thanks entirely to Labour's policies (with credits to dodgey, rubbish employers; dodgey, rubbish local councils, the left-wing press and the BBC)

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