Tuesday, 1 February 2011

This shabby, shameful and corrupt Parliament

As suspected, Cameron has sold his soul for the nonsense of preserving a change to AV voting. To secure this concession to his coalition chums, it is reported that he has given the foully corrupt Labour Party their way on preserving an unfairness in our electoral system so undemocratic that the UK is 'off the scale' amongst advanced democracies according to Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. 

The glacial pace of progress of the Boundary Commission under Labour was not accidental. The very last thing Labour wanted was changes to their rotten boroughs that would end the unfairness of a Labour vote in a Labour rotten borough being worth several Tory votes in a normal constituency. All their filibustering in the Lords has been in defence of this indefensible inequity, and not at all about a change to AV voting.

For Cameron now to surrender on plans to reform this corruption solely to keep the AV referendum is shabby and shameful and will do nothing to convince the people of this country that the chummy corruption of the political class has ended.  


Blue Eyes said...

If Cameron and Clegg had any backbone at all they would have said "fine, delay the referendum date but we are not compromising on the reform to constituencies".

Now they will never get anything through again because the Labour Lords know they will back down under pressure.

What a wasted opportunity.

Braveheart said...

All they have to do is bring forward a bill to gerrymander the constituencies in favour of the Tories, and it will be carried by their commons majority. Which is what they should have done in the first place.

hatfield girl said...

This is the end of the affair. Those rotten boroughs will be dealt with - and more savagely, and quickly, as they deserve, than they might have been.

It's hard to think that the Lords won't be dealt with as well. Labour, fatly embodied by its former Speaker, was ever stupid and stupidly provocative.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Cameron is a spineless unprincipled blower-in-the-wind.

No, actually, he's not: he is highly principled and pursues his objectives with tenacity and determination.

It's just that his principles and his objectives are not the ones he led the country to believe they were, before the election.

The objective seems to be to maintain and extend the power of the Political Class, while as the same time handing everything over the the EU.

john miller said...

It's a shame it's been done before.

We should burn a few politicians and put their ashes in a small urn.

An appropriate sporting contest, such as watching paint dry, would determine the holder of the ashes for the next two years.

It would differ from the Ashes, insofar as the loser would be the poor bastard who got them.