Monday, 21 March 2011

Baron Cormack

My heartiest congratulations go to Sir Patrick Cormack on his elevation to the life peerage as Baron Cormack. It would have been a shame indeed to have lost the talents of this bloody-minded old Parliamentarian at the tender age of 72. Andrew Pierce is being a bit sniffy in the Mail today in writing
Miss Widdecombe missed out while David Cameron honoured nonentities such as the former backbencher Sir Patrick Cormack, who once suffered the humiliation of an attempt by his constituency party to have him de-selected as their MP.
Almost right, Andrew. In fact it was a crooked little plot by Tory Central Office to unseat Sir Patrick that badly backfired; when the Cameroons were shown to have corruptly stuffed the ballot box a full poll of the constituency membership was held, at which Sir Patrick won 75% of votes cast. CMD wanted some inoffensive and obedient 25 year-old media studies blow-in for the seat; the voters were happy with Sir Patrick. The reason CMD didn't like Cormack was explained by Sir Patrick himself in an interview with the Guardian;
I've had masses of letters from people who say they vote for me not because I'm Conservative but because they think I'm an independent-minded local parliamentarian. I've always taken the line it's country-constituency-party, in that order.
Not the sort of line to endear him to Central Office.  

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