Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cat confused shock

One of my cats is a half decent mouser. The problem is, once he's caught one he just doesn't know what to do with it; the idea of eating it never occurs to him, so he plays with it until it dies. I then have to drop the little mouse corpse into the recycling bin. 

Libya, unfortunately, is a little more problematical to dispose of than a dead mouse, but neither Cameron, Obama or Sarkozy have any more idea than my cat what to do when Gadaffi falls. Bristly little armchair generals across the web are rattling their toy sabres in a warm puddle of petty pomposity as they condemn any that naysay them, even as we watch the real generals squabble like children over who's in charge and what are they supposed to do, anyway?

I'll come back to this in three months. 


Anonymous said...

Moving from cats to dogs, the only way to get rid of a mad dog is to shoot it.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Once Ghaddafi and his sons are out of the way, it is entirely up to the Libyans what to do next.

What Britain and France may need to do is provide humanitarian aid such as medical supplies.


Anonymous said...

Why bother? I plan to ignore this forever. Obama, Sarkozy, Gadafi, am I supposed to admire one of them?

English Pensioner said...

My view is the Libya should be forced to revert to the two original countries or tribal areas of Tripolitania and Cyraniaca. Most counties formed from forced mergers tend to be unstable with each partner feeling the other is better off. I believe that they are making the same mistake in Afghanistan, where only another dictator will be able to bring the tribal chiefs under any form of control.
And it is worth remembering the old saying, "Divide and Rule", which was well used in the days of the Empire.

Sean said...

simples...dont feed it any cat food, it will know what to do with it then.

My Westies and Cairn do the same kind of thing with hedgehogs, but my two Rotties lay down on the deck in the sun and wonder what all the fuss is about, still they get whole rabbits for dinner, so who knows? needs must generally works in nature.

Robert said...

What Dave, Sarko and Obama all have in common is very low opinion poll ratings.

They could well be even lower by the time they are through with Libya.

Delphius1 said...

The problem is those you think are doing the planning, aren't actually the ones doing the planning.

The plan has already been made, the script written: its just that the actors haven't learnt their roles and lines.

Anonymous said...

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