Monday, 21 March 2011

Marine Le Pen

As with Geert Wilders, reports of Marine Le Pen's probable chances in the 2012 French presidential elections are probably exaggerated. Current polls show that if Le Pen stood against Sarkozy and a nonentity Socialist each would take about a third of the vote, thereby opening the possibility of Sarkozy being knocked out and a dream run-off between Marine and the lefty, or the nonentity lefty being knocked out and a win-win (for the right) run off between Marine and Sarkozy. This ignores the possibility that the unknown lefty could be substituted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a candidate the kermits may strongly prefer over both Sarkozy and Le Pen. 

However, a year is a very long time in politics. If the anarchy in North Africa releases a tsunami of sub-Saharan immigration to Europe's soft underbelly, if African corpses are regularly washed up not just on the beaches of Lampedusa amongst the stoic Hun but on the sands of Cannes amongst the sensitive luvvies, if the Nord Pas de Calais region (already a Le Pen stronghold) attracts vast kraals of immigrants in plastic-sheeting cities then the electoral advantage may easily pass to Marine Le Pen. Likewise, if the PIGS continue to drain France's wealth (and I notice many French tills still produce receipts with Euro-Franc dual pricing) Le Pen's anti-EU stance may prove attractive. 

Against all this, the Euro-left are profoundly disturbed by the shift to the right in Europe, along with growing Europhobia. Political corruption is so deeply engrained in the left that they will steal every cent of tax money they can to fight for their crumbling empire. And with support from the soft right and CMD it makes an uphill battle. 


Robert said...

Political corruption is also deeply engrained in the French right, hence the trial of the Bulldozer.

Did they ever find out what happened to Giscard's diamonds?

Woodsy42 said...

French supermarkets (at least those I occasionally visit) still show prices in Francs & Euro and the bank account is shown in both.

English Pensioner said...

France is still more prejudiced than Britain and America as regards to women in power and that could act against her.