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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Midsomer fantasy

I suppose I've seen some half dozen episodes of the 81 broadcast since 1997 of 'Midsomer Murders'. To be frank, I've never even remarked the racial composition of the cast - the improbable number of murders in a fictional county is the thing that strikes one. It's a bit of harmless fantasy, with Morris dancers and nice scenery. It doesn't surprise me though that Brian True-May, one of the creators, has been suspended for pointing out that there are no black faces in Midsomer. 

In reality, of course, the Manor House would be occupied by a drunken gay Saudi Arabian prince who beats his serfs to death and crashes Ferraris around the place, the post office would be run by a pair of fraudulent Nigerians and the corner shop by a rapacious Asian charging £3 for a loaf of bread. By the same token, 'Eastenders' would depict gangs of Pakistani youths stoning tourists on 'Jack the Ripper' walking tours, the call of the Muezzin behind the Queen Vic and a bloke who sells fraudulent postal votes to bent council candidates and 'Emmerdale' would feature slave-gangs of Vietnamese cockle-pickers living in plastic sheet shanties in ditches, a black crack dealer with a 9mm pistol and shared tips on defrauding the Housing Benefit in the pub. Which would have closed, because of the smoking ban. All the soaps would feature the popular loathing of the political class - and I've rarely seen such depth of hatred as there is now - and frustration with the Londoncentric media class who lie, distort, omit, fabricate and twist reality to fit their cosy presumptions about 'real' Britain. 

Somehow I don't think they really want reality depicted on TV at all, and those now calling for soaps and fantasies to reflect real life need to think very carefully about the consequences if they do. 


Quiet_Man said...

It's entertainment (of a type), they'll judge its popularity by its viewing figures, not by its ethnic make up I'm sure.

Barnacle Bill said...

I should imagine viewing figures will plummet when the "new" Midsomer Murders hits our screens.
But having never watched it I won't miss it!

Anonymous said...

What amuses me it the cack handed way they [constantly] portray how 'equal' and supposedly diverse our multiculti nation is [in the luvvies minds] but at the same time compromise this utopian ideal totally.....utter bollox.

Emmerdale should be taken off the air, for a grossly sexist attempt at portraying rural northern Britain village life, a village of under a hundred souls, HOW? Can it have so many buxom lovely perfectly made up [in an agricultural setting/ farming village] ladies gallivanting on screen - surely some mistake?!*?

Further it should be censored for portraying village life supposedly to revolve around the local pub, this is a lie! For, we all know the village pub died the death, due to the Socialists' pernicious smoking ban:>)

Anonymous said...

How about black kids wiping each other out en masse for "Respec"

Be a bloody short episode though as they post their confessions on their own facebook pages...

Anonymous said...

"Be a bloody short episode though as they post their confessions on their own facebook pages..."



Anonymous said...

The columnist - Anita SINGH - seems to have no problem with the concept of this program. And why shouldn't there be a "last bastion of Englishness"?? What's the deal behind these luvvies trying to wipe out our nation's heritage? Why are these people so anti-English? Could they be accused and tried for their anti-English stance? After all it is naked racism that they are practicing...

Perhaps we could have an episode where Guardianista media luvvies come up from London to stay in Causton and get embroiled in a "wicker-man" type ceremony as punishment for being "different and not from round 'ere". Half a dozen of them found hanged from local Chestnut trees. You could call the episode - "Strange Fruit"

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