Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Time to sack the mandarins

With news that the civil service is doing what the civil service always does - smile and assure ministers, then take no notice whatsoever of ministerial instructions - the time has come to introduce a new 'performance bonus' for our most senior mandarins. The deal is this; if you fail to reduce your workforce by 10% a year, you get the sack. Simples. 

Breaking Whitehall's stranglehold on the country was never going to be easy. The civil service is the staunchest defender of the Leviathan central State, and will never willingly give up a nanogram of power. To break its grip, Cameron will need to be ruthless - and he will have the support of the country. Sacking the mandarins may leave us with a short-lived administrative mess, but it will be worth it. 

C'mon Dave - have you got the balls for it or not?


WitteringsfromWitney said...

It needs more than a 10% cut methinks, R.

We have in effect a government within a government, one this is I do believe riddled with CP and has been indoctrinated with what I call EUism.

Anonymous said...

Well now that would depend on whether CMD is part of the solution or part of the problem. The evidence thus far does not look at all favourable. Front line services are being culled when it should be the middle and senior management pen-pushers and all those who arrived on the Guardian non-job gravy train. Then we have the public debt - just risen again to £11Bn for this month - why?? Oh, and we've just got ourselves embroiled in a new middle east war and finally, CMD's new spin doctor, Craig Oliver, is said to be more than a match for Labour's Alistair Campbell when it comes to spin.

We have taken one year to get from frying pan to fire.

Coney Island

English Pensioner said...

It's what happens in most companies if they are taken over, so why not in government?

Mr Ecks said...

The plastic-faced creep wants an almighty central state, except its the EU he wants. He is a blue labour toe-rag.

Budgie said...

Hmmm ... I agree with everyone (so far) - I must be going to seed (!).

Percentage cuts from above do not work - and I predicted that when CMD announced his. The only way cuts can be effective is to get into the ministries and find out what they are really doing and why, and then change both the way things are done or even whether it is done at all. But that means real effort, not posturing.

Alternatively, just shut entire Ministries down - like DfID.

I don't see CMD being capable of either.

Anonymous said...

Cojones, Cameron?

Cut the British branch of the EU effin chance.

Ha ha ha, he's a fully paid up member of the "I luv the EU claque!"

Bernie in Pipewell said...

I agree with you but would like to speed up the process.

How about every second C/S you come across, in national and local goverment and apply the same format to the pen pushers in the NHS. Give them a month to complete the work.

None would be missed.

As for cmd, hopeless.

JuliaM said...