Monday, 11 April 2011

Angry yet?

Ten things that haven't changed a bit since May 2010:

  • Bankers doing very well out of the government
  • Patronising joyless health control freakery from the NHS
  • MPs and MEPs with their snouts deep in the tax trough
  • Big corporations doing very nicely out of government
  • Robust civil service recruitment
  • Taxes and prices up, earnings down. Again. 
  • Tight central State control of local functions
  • Gross malfeasance at the highest levels of government
  • Foreign military adventurism
  • The political class doing very nicely out of the taxpayer

But did anyone really think they would do? Cameron's inept inaction, his inability to manage change and above all his loyalty to the established power structures of Europe and the Mandarinate means he is brewing up a storm of anger across Britain which unless earthed will unleash fury before long. 

And this lot better enjoy themselves whilst they can


Anonymous said...

"But did anyone really think they would do? "

No, but we all wanted rid of Brown at any cost.


Anonymous said...

From America said:

"But did anyone really think they would do?"

No, but we all wanted rid of Bush at any cost.

(Sounds familiar with worse results to show for it.)

Anonymous said...

There are others not mentioned:

1. Immigration - inundation unchecked.
2. Multikulti - nothing.
3. ACPO still extracting the urine.
4. EU ratchet grows ever tighter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am angry. And I am sick and tired of the people of this country being used as fiscal and litteral cannon fodder.

"We're all in this together" - I really don't think so.

Coney Island

Umbongo said...


Suzi Leather is still running the Charity Commission

the new chairman of the BBC Trust is a soaking wet, virulently pro-EU, climate change fantasist member of the political class