Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A bunch of bastards and a bitch

The bitch is Treasury minister Justine Greening, she of the unfortunate squint and the overbite. No doubt in spiteful revenge for being born in the ugly draw, Greening seems set to reduce the number of fags I can bring into the UK without undergoing interrogation by the Tax Stasi from 3,200 to 800. Some 'getting government off your backs' eh?

Listen you mongs. I can bring in as many fags from the EU as I like as a personal shopper and for my own consumption; I can either do this with your explicit recognition, or we can go through a whole panoply of stopping and questioning, legal action and voluminous correspondence, FOI requests, judicial review and the rest to establish the fact. Your choice. We'll drown HMCE in legal actions. 

Just don't expect anything but outright hostility to a Conservative government from this blog from here on. 


Sue said...

WTF happened to free trade within the EU?

Smoking Hot said...

Oh there is free trade within the EU, it's just that you have to fight off the bandits who are intent on robbing you when you get home. These bandits are not foreigners by the way, they are our own countrymen (think l spelt that wrong) a.k.a the UKBA ... sponsored by HM Government.

lf anyone wishes to know how to fight these bandits ... take a trip to my site. Read about our continued victories and then do it yourself!

Curtis said...

I see what Cameron is up to.. we just pay for the EU but don't need any of the few good things it does.

"Countrymen" is right.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Re: original post

Amen to that!

These thieving shits need sorting out.

What happened to the government having to hand back loads of cars and stuff that was stolen by these bandits in uniform?

Per European Commission rulings going back quite a few years now - seems the civil servants only apply the rules which suit them...

Dick Puddlecote said...

I think your post title nailed it. And Curtis added the relish, the one thing we really like about EU integration and they want it shafted.

Where is our referendum, anyway?

JuliaM said...

"We'll drown HMCE in legal actions."

Doesn't exist any longer. It's HMRC, for VAT, duty and revenue. And UKBA for border controls.