Tuesday, 19 April 2011

East End as bad as a Karachi ghetto

As if an area of London rife with multi-drug resistant TB, bed bugs, head lice and with the highest rate of child mortality in Britain wasn't enough, incest and in-breeding from first cousin marriages burdens the stretched health service with terribly deformed horrors. That this should subsist in the UK in the 21st century is testimony to the 'hands off' approach of the political class to anything that may be interpreted as racist. Yet everyday experience in London's East End provides plenty of experience of what life is like under the Taliban;

  • Stickers pronouncing 'Death to Gays' plastered everywhere 'Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment'.
  • 'Jack the Ripper' walking tours have had to divert away after being stoned with impunity by Moslem youths
  • H&M beach-wear posters are routinely blacked-out by Islamic puritans, as are Bollywood film posters
  • A 31 year old pharmacy assistant threatened with death unless she wears a head-scarf

The response of the Met can be summarised as 'Yes, we know who's responsible, but we don't have any sanction to deal with it'. The loathsome and seditious Anjem Choudhary is quick to appear to defend the neanderthal fanatics. East London Mosque in Whitechapel Road is at the heart of this repressive bullying, yet remains open. 

If the BNP had committed similar offences, you can be sure that the whole kit and caboodle of them would now be in prison. Indeed, one naif white defender of multikulti suggested that it was actually the BNP who were planting the 'death to gays' stickers - until the Met revealed they had video footage of the perp. Who is Islamic and remains free. 

The East End is often offered as an example by opponents of Localism of the worst that can happen if the central State loses control, but if this is an example of successful centralism, almost anything is better. It is an utter and complete failure of political responsibility; a deafening silence from Labour, who are prepared to tolerate vote rigging, electoral fraud, multiple postal voting and the rest because they benefit from it. A police force crippled by the restraints of multikulti. The fraud, filth and corruption of Karachi are alive and well in Whitechapel - and our political class has allowed it to happen. 


Anonymous said...

A visit from Somerville and Tatchell, I think R - that'll sort it out.

Strangely quiet aren't they - it would be different if it were Christians.

Anonymous said...

Ummah in East London, yes the scum party let it happen and gave 'em - Islamists the green light to do what they effin well like.
They know this and are taught it in the Mosque; "go forth my brothers, for you are the new masters!"

When will the bombing of Churchs commence?
It can only be a matter of time, we are becoming the persecuted in our own land - wonder what king Richard would have made of it?

Anonymous said...

This is never mentioned in the MSM and particularly by the Beeb, now there's a surprise?!

TiDavisUSA said...

I could almost feel sorry for you folks. Then I relized that you voted for the people that allowed this to happen. Fix the problem yourself or, well, don't. You know what you need to do. You only need the courage to do it.
If the nato response to quackdaffy in libya is any indication of how you will fare, sorry about your luck.
I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the nation that gave birth to my nation. Alas, we are almost as morally bankrupt as you are. The only difference between us is that we would never let ourselves be disarmed like you did. Good luck to you if you ever try to take your country back. You will need it.

Blue Eyes said...

The anti-gay stickers prompted a march. What I don't "get" is this: the first generation arrivals must have known that Britain is a free country before they got here. Their kids are growing up free. Most people probably don't object to beachwear-clad ladies anyway. So the defacers must be very small in number. Why are they not being dealt with as simple criminals?

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to have been paying attention Blue Eyes, muslims in this country are immune. The non-police force will NOT prosecute these people, the non-police force, like the government are AFRAID of them, they're AFRAID if they come down hard they'll be trouble from the rest. The powers that be really should be careful because the time will come when the indigenous will not bother with the law and take matters into their own hands.

TiDavis, oh there's plenty armed here, just not the law abiding. If a criminal gets caught with a gun it's a slap on the wrist, if a kid or the law abiding get caught with a toy gun or replica the law comes down on them like a ton of bricks, and God forbid you break the no smoking law, heavy fines & jail.

It's not upside down justice, it's discriminatory, spiteful justice by a discrimitory, spiteful judiciary/government.

Anonymous said...

Strange that the gay folk are very quiet about this, no mass protests, no mass 'kiss in' and no sign of that usually very vocal malicious organisation Stonewall.

Now if Christians had done this the gay folk would have been out in droves screaming for justice, screaming for compensation.

I think I'll contact Stonewall to enquire why they are so silent on this.

I can see the day when white women are forced to wear the burka in some parts of the country so as not to offend the sensibilities of muslim males, and the sad thing is white women will comply without a murmur. What a pathetic, pisshole, cowardly country we've become.

Smoking Hot said...

lnstead of grumbling and moaning there are some Brits that do more. Get off your arses and actually do something.

The limit for the majority seems to be posting a comment. Well, that's truly going to change things isn't it?

Now if you can post about something you've actually done, you may inspire someone else to do the same.

TiDavisUSA said...

Mr Anonymous, I totally understand. You folks again voted for the people who took away your god given right to self defense. Whining about the criminals will never get it back.
My question for you Mr. Anonymous is, where is your collective courage in Great Britain? You allow one person to go to jail over the burning of a cultbook, why not line up 15k or 20k or how many of you actually have any courage and burn koran after koran in front of a police station? How many of you do they have room for?
Courage, find it soon, or accept your fate as slaves to islam. This is your future. Good luck to you.

TiDavisUSA said...

By the way Ladies and Gentlemen, today April 18, 1775, the first shot was fired. Who knows who fired it? A anxious American Patriot, a nervous British Soldier, or even a poor drunken hunter who had no idea what was going on in that field. That shot did give rise to my nation and for that I am eternally grateful.

Gordo said...

Yes but you should have picked your own cotton.

TiDavisUSA said...

Yes, we should have, is that your only point? Or is there something else you want to get off your mind?

DeeDee99 said...

You could, and should, have behaved much better towards the Native Indians. An admittance of ethnic cleansing would be appropriate - together with substantial reparations.

The backlash against the extremist Muslims is coming. It won't start in the UK because we are on the whole, a very placid and tolerant people; too tolerant for our own good. But it is starting in the countries of mainland Europe where their electoral systems make it possible for small parties to quickly gather support. What is starting in other N/European countries like The Netherlands, Denmark and even Germany (despite its history) will also take root here.

We need to get out of the EU and resign from the European Court of Human Rights to really deal with the situation and, unfortunately our political elite refuse. But when the inter-racial fighting starts (and it will in a few years time) our politicians will finally get the message.

TiDavisUSA said...

Yes we could have, we did not. As soon as you start making reparations to the boers we will start with the indians. Tit for tat no?

As far as waiting for your politicians to get the message, You mean they have not gotten it already? If so then you are truely and royally boned.
Do let us neanderthals in the colonies know how your struggle to retain any semblence of western society is working out. Have you picked out what colour buqua you will yet. You have three choices, black, black, or black.

Anonymous said...

I can never understand why those in the americas seem to think the English do not have arms. I suggest you google uk gun amnesty. Also legally held shotguns are at record levels or so I am told.

TiDavisUSA said...

A shotgun is a start. You could always use to get a better weapon but my original question still stands. Who in Great Britain has the courage to fire the first round of buckshot?
Have you started growing your beard yet?

Anonymous said...


Everything you say is right. A million people marched in London against the Iraq war and were all ignored. Truth is, everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move on the Islamic poison in our society, because we know that this will take blood being shed to sort out.

People are scared - and rightly so. These vile, stone age brutes will chop off heads in the blink of an eye and who wants to start off THAT sceanrio?

The EDL - a bunch of brave patriots standing up to be counted, against the odds - have started the ball rolling, but people are scared to support them, because in our so called 'free country' the state destroys the livlihood of anyone associating with a true patriotic organisation like the EDL or BNP.

But you are absolutely spot on - someone HAS to fire the first shot, because the longer this is left, the worse it's going to be


Gordo said...

Be aware that Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006 states:

(2)A person commits an offence if—(a)he publishes a statement to which this section applies or causes another to publish such a statement; and(b)at the time he publishes it or causes it to be published, he—(i)intends members of the public to be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention offences; or(ii)is reckless as to whether members of the public will be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate such acts or offences.

Section 3 of the said Act specifically includes internet posts.

This will not apply to you in the United States but it definitely applies here in th UK.

Raedwald said...

Yes, chaps. You need to make it clear that these 'first shots' are metaphors, not 12 gauge shells.

As for the EDL, wrong target. You should be harassing the political class, not Moslems. I've got no problem with Muslims, but a big problem with the dummies who opened the UK to every illiterate, superstitious, chronically-diseased fetish-worshipping Allah-Wallah west of Hong Kong. Instead of scrapping in the streets like brainless hooligans, why don't you build a minaret at the bottom of Miliband's garden and screech calls to prayer at him five times a day? It's his fault, not theirs.

TiDavisUSA said...

That section of law you have posted Sir is one reason why your culture is dieing. You have allowed your politicians to micro-manage your whole lives. I could point to you Sir to twenty-six men who were subjects of the British Crown, who pledged thier lives, thier fortunes, and thier sacred honour, to end a long list of usupations from that same Crown.
They even signed a document to this effect and sent a copy to George III.
These men risked, and some lost, everything. Think of what you would do to get out from under "unjust rule".
Write a sternly worded letter to the editor of your local newspaper?
Protest outside you local council office? Depend on politicians who are not responsive to your grievences?
Lets face it, Western Civilization is dieing, not only in Great Britain, but also in the United States, Canada, Austrailia, etc.
The only difference at the moment, is that in Great Britain you have already surrendered to the barbarians. Our fight in the "colonies" so to speak is just begun. You have provided us a very good lesson on what not to do. For that I thank you.

Road_Hog said...

Erm, surely you mean 12 bore, not American gauge?