Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's OK to be English again. Perhaps.

The depths of nastiness in Lady Toynbee's spiteful little diatribe in this morning's Guardian is assurance, if assurance were needed, at just how successful yesterday's royal wedding was. Polly is spitting blood. She and fellow republican lefties see it as the reversal of two decades of Socialist drearyness, two decades of trying to destroy our concept of nation, two decades of undermining British institutions in favour of the Rousseau-esque Socialist State, two decades of striving to extinguish every noble character of our national identity. That Polly recognises, and hates it, that this one event has undone tens of thousands of poisonous column inches, billions in stolen taxes and the concerted efforts of the entire Socialist propaganda machine should make us rejoice indeed. Today it's alright to be English again. 

Even the BBC was too busy to send a crew to film Anjem Choudery's petulant ranting, and indeed I suspect many Muslims in the UK were as glued to their TV sets as were the natives. Muslim kiddies will compare the illiterate ignorance and poverty of the local village imam from Bangladesh to the articulate splendour of the established Church, will have seen the Union flag aloft in the April breeze across the realm, and will have learned a valuable lesson. 

For yesterday, like rain after after a long drought, the forces of good and light and truth and right reasserted themselves and banished the baleful evil that has overhung our land back into the noisome shadows. Marriage, loyalty, family, love, kinship, tradition, charity, ritual, Christianity, nationhood and human joy were triumphant. There can have been no clearer message in affirmation of British values.  

The resentment and animosity of the Left, like Polly's, still finds an outlet. Listen to the repeat of the 'News Quiz' at lunchtime today on R4 if you doubt it. Embittered, unfunny third rate intellects posing as 'comedians' - yes, Jeremy Hardy, that includes you - who make their trade by undermining and scorning all that is good. Well, they'll have fewer laughs today.  


Paul said...

Don't forget the odious Peter Hain's outburst on Twitter re Ed not getting enough BBC 'air time'

This was the Shadow Welsh Secretary politicising the Prince of Wales' wedding, what an arse

I suspect he was surprised by the volume of response

Anonymous said...

Well said Raedwald - I haven't read Toynbitch's piece yet - I'm saving that for a little light relief with my cup of tea.

Oh, joy!

Quiet_Man said...

Bit pedantic I suppose, but since when has the Union flag been the flag of the English?

Budgie said...

Quiet_Man - I don't think Raedwald said it was. Just being pedantic, like.

Anonymous said...

A romantic and nostalgic pang of things remembered and things lost roused in me yesterday and I thought.......the bastards haven't won yet.
I also mused: I'll bet the grauniad/unindependent's - Socialist scum/PC Stasi - are writhing and spitting fur and rancid sputum.

The Union flag bedecked everywhere, with smiling faces and a quite wonderful and solemn rite - glorious! Uttered in beautiful and precise English. Wondrous and yes! - The heart soared!

We reasserted ourselves [albeit briefly] yesterday.

Anonymous said...

What amazed me was how many of us there are.

For so many years we have been told what to think,and made to feel isolated and powerless,slightly ashamed and that to disagree was to be in a minority of one.

Yesterday we could see for ourselves that we were far from alone.

Truly wonderful.

Bob Doney said...

Yes, I caught the fag end of the News Quiz at lunchtime. Blimey, didn't it all sound sad and stale?

Regarding the non-invitation of Blair and Brown - surely that decision can only have come from the VERY TOP, and I don't mean Dave. So what's that telling us?

DeeDee99 said...

Poor Polly ... all she's got to look forward to is another Royal Wedding in a few weeks (Zara Phillips); followed by Prince Harry in a few years' time and in-between, probably the birth of the baby who will be third in line to the throne.

It's tough being a miserable, left-wing Republican when you're up against that kind of competition.

Malcolm Stevas said...

I stopped listening to The News Quiz ages ago, decided the funny bits were no longer worth the trial of enduring yet more utterly predictable smug Lefty jibes from J.Hardy - who is one of comparatively few people in public life I'd really like to punch in the face. The Danish dyke bint, wossername, Sandy T, lets Hardy off the leash in a flagrantly favouritist way, and leads the snide tittering.
But yesterday found us largely able to distance our minds from these Leftist reptiles; rather to my surprise, I enjoyed what I saw of the ceremony & aftermath. Jolly good luck to them.

SimonF said...

Come off it. MPs represent the people who vote for them, or who might vote for them.

There's nothing dreary about socialism if it comes with a pad in Tuscany.

With apologies to the original author:

Polly: Brothers, when the revolution comes you'll all own a villa in Tuscany.

Voice at back: But I don't want a villa in Tuscany!

Polly: Brothers when the revolution comes you'll do as your effing told.

Of course by which time Polly will have moved somewhere else, not being willing to mix with the riff raff.

Gordo said...

"two decades of undermining British institutions in favour of the Rousseau-esque Socialist State, two decades of striving to extinguish every noble character of our national identity"

I'm strangely reminded of the OJ Simpson trial by that statement. Marcia Clark, the prosecutor, challenged until she got a predominantly female jury. According to the perverse theology of feminism this should have led to a guilty verdict. She failed to note that the jury was split 10-2 female-male but also 10-2 nonwhite-white. The jury split 10-2, but along racial lines so Simpson was acquited.

It is very difficult to change peoples characters into a different way of thinking if the different way of thinking is perverse, unnatural and abnormal. This makes me think, as perhaps you do, that the harm can be undone that these people have done and continue to do.

Let's hope.

English Pensioner said...

The rantings of this woman typify the great difference between the so-called "opinion formers" who think they know what the people should want, and the people who actually know what they want.
And this is not just in Britain. Look at the Australian newspapers, here is a country with a prime minister who wants a republic, but with the people who apparently want to read as much as they can about the Royal family. In America, the "liberal" newspapers all sneered at what was happening here, but apparently the wedding was watched nationwide on television, and one poll rated our Queen as being far more popular than their president.
This must really upset our Polly, who should also be told to "Calm Down, Dear"!