Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Koala threat

H/T to the Englishman for the AGW / Koala story. Which reminds me of a curious tale from Essex - that county whose inhabitants are said to be half East Anglian and half human. 

The chap who owned West Mersea Island in the 1930s planted a large part of his gardens with hardy, drought-resistant Eucalyptus, which thrived in this harsh coastal environment. Shortly before the war, he bought a breeding pair of Koalas from Harrods pets department - some say for his daughter's amusement, some say for sheer mischief. Anyway, the cute creatures thrived, having their own heated enclosure for the harsh winters and spending the rest of their time munching their way slowly through the Eucalyptus leaves that form the sole diet of the sleepy creature. Offspring were born, and these also took their place in the Eucalyptus grove. 

No doubt from the same inquisitive mind that discovered that coffee beans that had passed through the digestive tract of the Civet cat had a unique and desirable flavour, came the suggestion that the droppings of the Koala, being pure fermented Eucalyptus, made an invigorating hot infusion not unlike the Bergamot-flavoured tea favoured by Earl Grey. The dung was duly collected, dried, and infused - visitors to the house invariably being treated to a cup of the unusual brew. Then came the occasion on which one unfortunate cleric, peering at the 'leaves' gently swirling in the pale brew, asked if this was deliberate.

"Quite deliberate" came the answer "The Koala tea of Mersea is not strained".


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