Monday, 11 April 2011

Labour Eurosleaze snouts trough in

In an unmistakeable two fingered 'screw you' to the people of Britain, Labour and LibDem Eurosnout MEPs were amongst those in the EU who rejected even the mildest of cost cutting proposals that would have restricted or frozen their expenses. Having corrupted our national parliament with their crooked sleaze, and even after Labour ex-MPs are still heading for jail, these Euro Comrades won't let slip their grip on the Euro tax trough. There's no greedier bastard than a Socialist with other people's money.  


Anonymous said...

No conflict here (in their tiny minds). It is a socialist's duty to facilitate the redistribution of wealth, the more taxes they absorb the more taxes will have to be raised, the rich contribute far more taxes than the poor so all is well.

Anonymous said...

And what other outcome could we have expected? Turkeys don't vote for Christmas and this lot are certainly a bunch of turkeys.

Coney Island