Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Marr breaches own injunction

Andrew Marr, an archetypal member of the metropolitan political class, a dag on the arse of democracy, seems to be in breach of his own injunction today in 'fessing all to the Mail. It seems he's having second thoughts about being associated with the loathsome crew of super-injunctors. Now there will be many amongst you who can see little moral daylight between Marr and Alisher Usmanov or Fred Goodwin, two injunctors I am permitted to name on here. Let alone the others whose identities you surely all know by now. 

Fame and wealth have always had an aphrodisiac influence; not only do otherwise unattractive men become babe-magnets but the exposure seems to have a Viagra like effect on their libidos. The unsophisticated, the morally weak, the lustful and the avaricious will take advantage of this condition. In this Marr is no different to an inarticulate footballer or a dumb thesp. Uxoriousness is always a good measure of public worth; those loyal to their marriage partners are also less likely to cheat, steal, lie, distort and manipulate. For this reason, it is very much in the public interest for the fidelity of public figures to be a matter of common knowledge. That Marr can lie to and cheat on his solemn partner is not a good indicator that his work for the BBC is impartial, balanced, fair and truthful. 

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Being an adulterous public figure is corruption enough; using wealth and the power of the law to conceal it is doubly evil. By their fruits shall ye know them.    


Wildgoose said...

Well said.

If his own wife can't trust him, why should we?

Woodsy42 said...

I fully agree. People who can lie and cheat to friends and family have shown a lax morality and should have no place in authority.

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