Thursday, 14 April 2011

MPs "Self-serving shits"?

From Andreas Whittam-Smith in the Indie;
Politicians find themselves enveloped in public disapproval. One new MP told a colleague that the hardest part of the job was coping with the disdain of the public. A cabinet minister had remarked: "Out there, they think we are self-serving shits." Why is this? And is it an unavoidable consequence of our system of parliamentary democracy?
No, dear - not of Parliamentary democracy, but of the party system. So long as the central Statists in party HQ select candidates to be blown-in, infiltrated, parachuted, imposed and thrust on our constituencies, so long will we be limited to dags and apparatchiks, obedient lobby fodder with just sufficient charisma and intelligence to garner votes locally, but without any dangerous independence of thought or action. Those morons who speak of politics as a 'career', who are convinced that a background as a student union organiser and an MP's researcher, with a 2:1 in PPE, is the perfect background for a Parliamentarian, are largely responsible for the dreck and dross infesting the Commons chamber. 

Only one thing will improve the quality of our MPs; the destruction of the power of the three big parties. 


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Hear, Hear!

The political system is rotten to the core as you point out and as I have maintained for yonks.

Change? Not whilst we continue to talk to the deaf and blind, which is the reason I say we need to remove them by whatever means at our disposal.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great summation, Raedwald. And why those MPs who most resonate with the public have absolutely no chance of achieving a cabinet post, the whole system works against the general view of the electorate.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Only one thing will improve the quality of our MPs; the destruction of the power of the three big parties. "

No, that's only one of the pre-requisites.

The other, equally essential, is the regaining of our independence by leaving the EU.

Blue Eyes said...

All the parties are echo chambers because to "get on" within a party you must pretty much agree with the people in the party at least locally. So for example in a dry place like Hammersmith a wet Tory is not likely to get far up the greasy pole - even if their particular ideas might be popular with the wider electorate. People have to have cut their teeth with the parties before they will be able to even face the electorate which means that people with bold different ideas are probably shut out.

It's a recipe for the kind of intellectual stagnation that we see.

Barnacle Bill said...

I used to think that there was an odd, occasional "honourable" member amongst our MPs.
Unfortunately the exposure of their expenses just led me to believe there are just little piglets and fecking big porkers.
As for reform, the firing squad seems to be the only solution!

Anonymous said...

For a start, they should be allowed no expenses whatever. Zero.

Put the salary up if necessary so they do not need them.


The Travelling Toper said...

I fail to understand the use of a question mark in the page title.

Budgie said...

The problem with MPs supposedly not understanding the public's attitude to them is those very same MPs don't listen to the public.

I just asked my MP - an intelligent, likable, hard working fellow - to comment on the apparent similarity of the Coalition's transport policy and the EU's transport policy.

His reply was to say he was on the committee and was a supporter of HS rail. Nary a word about the essence of my question. Until they admit the extensiveness of EU power, we are not going to get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Recall elections not subject to permission from parliament would help to break the grip of the parties.