Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My new Dutch Cap

I always swore I'd never do it. As friend after friend succumbed to the trend, Radders stood alone, refusing to kow-tow to nautical fashion. Finally I've given way. My excuse is the bright sunlight and its reflection from the water, tired eyes and advancing age. I've bought what a good friend refers to in all innocence as a Dutch Cap. You know. Black wool peaked thing that Harold Pinter used to wear at home in Notting Hill Gate. The hat that pipe-smoking nautical authors are pictured wearing. 

The only problem is, I'm so self-conscious about it, I daren't wear it in public. I think I need to take it fishing a few times, get it a bit salt-stained, rub fish-scales into the brim and that sort of thing. But there it is. I've turned from a normal person to a Dutch Cap wearer.


Jackart said...

As a cyclist, I've started wearing this: http://is.gd/Fyzcr1 and it feels good. My advice: wear it with pride. It says something about you, and it's not a baseball cap.

As Monty Python observed, the main problem in the world today is that people don't wear enough hats.

Barnacle Bill said...

Every good sailor needs a cap, as you noted it shields the eyes, very important if you're on you own.
I've got an old Basque beret picked up in Pasaia, it looks like a mushroom on my head, but can be pulled over to form a "peak" at the front if necessary.
Enjoy getting the weathered look to your new Dutch cap though.

Robert said...

A sun visor would have been sufficient if it is only the tired eyes you wish to keep covered. A cap has the added advantage of keeping the head warm. Ear flaps are a usefull extra.

I have been puzzling over the photo on your mast head. Is it the River Medway?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Well it could have been worse, R, you could have gone for one of those "captain's hats" that are worn by The Guys who wear Pink Trousers.

You know who I mean.