Friday, 15 April 2011

Regressive Labour

An excellent Newsnight clip on the Speccie is surpassed by one of the comments beneath and the response to it. Referring to Eric Pickles, 'Jennifer' posted "Pickles is an odious man. There is no worse specie than a working class Tory."

'Jeremy' responded "That is one of the most silly, shallow, ignorant, blinkered and hateful remarks that I have heard for a very long time.What sits behind it is the idea that people should stick to their class, know their place, think alike and not seek to get ideas above their station.

And now I think I know why social mobility under the last Labour government regressed to the feudal levels that it did - because that suits the Labour mentality. And you call yourselves progressives. What a sham! There is nothing "progressive" about the sort of regression that is represented by yourself.

And between the two of you, it is not Eric Pickles who is the contemptible one..."

There's really nothing that I can add to that. 


greg Tingey said...

Why do you think the Education system is so totally wrecked?
There is nothing like an education system that selects for ABILITY for getting poor, intelligent children up and out into "Higher" social-class and income levels.
Can't have that now, can we?

No that the tories are even pretending to do anything about it ....

Edward Spalton said...

Greg, Labour decided long ago that children "should not rise out of their class but with it" (whatever that means. Tony Crosland is dead so we can't ask him). The destruction of the grammar schools was meant to achieve that.

And which Minister closed more grammar schools than any other? Step forward, Margaret Thatcher! As with her enthusiasm for joining the EEC, she did later recant - but it was too late in both cases.

Anonymous said...

An education system that taught people the difference between "Specie" and "species" would be a good start.