Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spend! Spend! Spend! With Cameron

It's taken less than a year for the Mandarins to corrupt Cameron's government into backing reckless and unaffordable spending from the tax-take; today alone we've had notice of 'at least a billion' more on the carriers, plus an extra £917m to HMRC, then another £400m to set up the new PRA. That's £2.4bn just thrown in carelessly in just a few days. It cuts all credibility from beneath Cameron's feet as he pretends to complain about increased EU spending; he's showing he can be just as profligate and exercise just as much fiscal malfeasance as Brown.

As Cameron demonstrated again yesterday, he's a bear of very little brain.Civil Service establishment figures are actually holding steady, and are set to increase substantially as the 'cuts' bite. Those cuts, of course, apply to everything but the Central State and its avaricious, corrupt dags. 

I can taste sick in my throat at the thought that I once almost believed the honeyed lies. 


Sue said...

Oh Dear. Are you going to take that "TOP 20 CONSERVATIVE BLOG" badge of honour off your blog?

You aren't the only one to feel that you've been conned by the "Cons". I've voted Conservative for 30 years and I am never voting for them again in their present "progressive form".

Raedwald said...

Sue - I'm extremely angry at the moment, as you've noticed. I don;t know why Dale classified this as a Conservative blog - I resigned from the party in the 1980s, when it became clear that local Conservative Associations rated about as highly as a snake's arse in Central Office's eyes. However, I remain a natural conservative, and resent the hijacking of my party by the Statists.

I suppose UKIP is the friendliest kennel, but I'll snap at Cameron for a bit I think.

TheFatBigot said...

It's what happens when there is no principle behind policy. In place of principle comes practicality which, for moern politicians, means (i) not upsetting the civil service unless you really have to and (ii) spending to buy votes.

I wouldn't (yet) put the current government on a par with Brown's decade of incompetent incontinence and doubt they could ever reach his level of recklessness.

The fear is that they will do just that if there are sufficient votes in it.

Robert said...

There never were to be cuts in this parliament.
This is just more Tory tax and spend.

formertory said...

This is why I am, and have been for a good many years, "formertory".

The party lost its principles and its spine. I could spit when I hear Osborne proclaiming that "he's repaying the nation's credit card"; he's doing nothing of the sort.