Friday, 29 April 2011

William's Hat and stubborn studs

Today, when even the earl of Wessex is allowed into the dressing-up box, Miss Middleton's choice of costume for her betrothed is instructive. She wants him as a Guards Colonel today. It's the bearskin, you see. He could no doubt equally have been a naval Captain or an RAF Group Captain. Naval dress was out - an unfortunate reminder of the weddings of both Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. And the great problem with the RAF is that they no longer have a ceremonial uniform, or rather, a ceremonial helmet. Just an ordinary service cap. If the junior service wants to be represented at dressing-up does, it really does need to go back to the ceremonial dress as worn by the late King George VI at his wedding. So William's a Guards Colonel today instead. 

I shall be listening on the wireless today as I replace a starter motor. I was left with a stud absolutely stuck in the engine block; no amount of WD40, heating with a blowlamp, tapping and brute force with a mole-grip even turned it a nanometer. Two and a half hours I spent in trying to persuade that stud to move. I was reconciled to drilling it out, but as one last hope invested in a 1/2" socket Machine Mart stud extractor. Within 30 seconds out it came, clean and easy as a whistle. And that I think is today's lesson, for a wedding is always a bawdy event. It's all about the right helmet and the right tool for the job. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Stud extractors rock. An acquaintance recently had the flywheel fall off his old Bukh diesel while it was running (I am not making this up) leading to stripped threads, damaged tappings, and all sorts of mayhem.

His experience was as yours - nothing would move the broken remains, except said stud extractor.

What this means in the context of the Royal Wedding, I could not say; but I am sure there is some sort of joke about studs, just out of reach in the recesses somewhere.

Sean said...

Lets hope we can spot them both through all those trees? They could have put them to better use and used them for the machine mart catalogue.

Sean said...

...and to quote Royal Wedding florist Shane Connolly said the display would symbolise that "everything is sustainable, renewable and appropriate".

Just like your stuck stud

Bill Quango MP said...

Just be thankful he didn't pull out that Oberstgruppenführer uniform from the fancy dress box.