Monday, 23 May 2011

Brown's pride skewered IMF bid

Gordon could have scrawled a note in his felt-tip pen. He could have placed a call to the Number 10 switchboard. He could have asked young Ed to have a private word with Dave. "Dear David; I would like to let you know that I am minded to declare my candidature for the Chairmanship of the IMF. Please let me know if your government is prepared to back me. Regards, Gordon." In the event, Brown's stiff-necked pride didn't allow him to do any of these things; perhaps the pain of a third snub, following the nation's rejection of him and  the Duke of Cambridge's blanking, was just too much for Gordon. 

This allowed William Hague on yesterday's politics show to say "he didn't ask" rather than admit that we wouldn't have supported Brown anyway. If we're ever going to get rid of the man to his Cape Cod cottage and away from these shores, he's going to have to be a bit less prideful about declaring what he wants. 


Barnacle Bill said...

Don't you mean his Cape Cod cottaging?
At least it would be a start by coming out.

However, I think in the Fifeshire financial dimwit's world, he was waiting for the call from Dave to tell him he was going to put his name forward.

Tickety Boo said...

Can you start a whip-round for his ticket? I'm good for a fiver.

hatfield girl said...

Mr Brown, while keen to be considered, had not discussed his candidature with his country's government? For a post of international importance and with extensive relevance to and effects upon on the UK's economic and fiscal policies?

That would be a shameless setting-up of self against our elected government. Yet he was warned, publicly, that he was not regarded as an appropriate candidate by the UK. There would seem to be a contrary agenda as well as the stiff-necked attitude.

Bill Quango MP said...

Communication from The Office of Sarah & Gordon Brown.

"I never informed the government because I never intended to seek the office.
I cannot be held responsible if newspapers inaccurately reported that I had been grubbing around European financial centres trying to find someone..anyone, to back me. I had not.
I have been in Africa where I feel a certain kinship with the people there.

Like me they are fiercely tribal.
Like me, they look after their own and do over their enemies.
Like me they value cattle higher than women.

And like me, they often face prejudiced just because they are Brown.

Sean said...

We should do what they are doing in Iceland and sticking him in the dock.

Anonymous said...

@Bill Quango


Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Stick him in the Dock? I understand Traitors Dock is free at present...

SimonF said...

So Brown's tribal hatred of the Tories is so strong that he couldn't grit hos teeth long enough to go for the job he covets.

There must be a Greek tragedy in there somewhere.