Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Iain Dale comeback tour

After giving up his top-ranking blog for a job as a local radio talk-show host, Iain Dale has been conspicuous by his absence from the list of those used by the serious national media for soundbites and instant opinions. Dale's blog was hugely influential; without his constant promotion of a few favourite co-blogs they have now dropped like stones in the rankings. It is, I suspect, these favourites that he is now recruiting for a new 'group blog'. With it perhaps will return his status as the 'father of the political blogosphere' and the early morning phone calls from the 'Today' production team. Perhaps.


Iain Dale said...

How can one short article be so riddled with errors?

1. I did not give up my blog to the LBC show.

2. I have done just as much punditry since I gave up my blog as before. You may not have heard it but I am often to be heard on Radio 4 (listen tonight, when I'm presenting What the Papers Say, for example). I do the Nolan show on 5 live every Friday. I do Sky news every Wednesday. Should I go on? In fact I turn down as many of these things as I accept.

3. LBC is not a local radio station in the conventional sense. We have listeners all over the country on DAB and Sky. And in London more people listen to us for longer than any other radio station including radio 4 and radio 2.

4. I did not constantly promote "a few favourite" blogs any more than anyone else. Indeed the Daley Dozen continues and promotes blogs across the board. Which blogs are you referring to?

5. There will be no other current bloggers on my new site. But there will be 5 or 6 ex bloggers, like Tom Harris.

6. The new site is more online magazine than blog. I have no ambition for it at all. It's not meant to be anything other than a hobby, but I accept that from the misleading Guardian headline and strapline yesterday you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

lilith said...

I am guessing you haven't been asked Raedwald ;-)

Raedwald said...

No, and I guess I'm off the Christmas card list as well. The Guardian quoted Iain as saying 'I don't read blogs any more', but I suppose he makes an exception for 'Raedwald'. Which is nice.

NOT a Homophobe said...

There was always a serious impartiality/judgement failure if the person concernced was homosexual (as in the David Laws case for example).

Still think Old Holborn had him sussed - "That fat poof Mrs Dale."

Pirran said...

Iain Dale's bizarrely solipsistic piece in the Grauniad seems to emphasise the virtual reality-bubble that the BBC subsidised organ has become.

I'm looking at a list of over 40 that I regularly view using Feedly (at my own convenience) and the whole of Climagegate and AGW couldn't have been exposed without them. The general standard of fact checking is far superior to the MSM (and if they get it wrong, they don't have long to find out). That Iain Dale no longer views them, I don't doubt, but Blogging's churn rate is part of it's strength, not weakness. Blogging has always been thus, precisely because it is largely unsubsidised and people have busy lives.

The truth is, Iain Dale can no longer read Iain Dale and presumes that all others have ceased reading Blogs as a result. His comments reflect nothing but his own vanity, not reality.

Blue Eyes said...

Good work R, Mr Dale obviously has you on his feed reader. Or he has been vanity searching...

The article that I read my Mr Dale about his new site gave me the impression that he doesn't really think of a blog in the same way I do. For me a blog is a particular view of the world and very personal for it. Mr Dale seems to take a different view which is that a blog should be almost an entertainment site which constant updates to keep you coming back for more more more!

For me the blog is about individuals sharing their thoughts without any particular need for reward, for Dale it is purely a commercial/career exercise. Fair play to the lad, he's done well, but he's first and foremost a journalist who happened to get into blogging before most other journalists.