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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's not only PC Harwood who must face trial

Back in July of last year I wrote:
For some men, physical aggression is as intrinsic to their makeup as it is to a pitbull. Short of castrating them, there's little one can do to contain it. The most fortunate of them find themselves a niche in life where their aggression can earn them a living, the Paras perhaps, or similar. The least fortunate collect criminal convictions at an early age and waste their short lives in a rage of incarceration and control.
From time to time one of them becomes a copper. He'll get a reputation amongst his colleagues for provoking trouble, never backing down, never walking away and always looking for the slightest excuse to use violence. A constant trickle of complaints and ill-will may result in him moving from work where he has regular contact with the public to the TSG, where he can testosterone-bond with others away from ordinary people. Perhaps even here he'll have a record of poor discipline, a weak ability to restrain himself from the premature application of baton, shield, knees and boots.
 Leave him in place, and sooner or later someone's going to get killed.
And just as a pitbull's DNA isn't the dog's fault, the consequences of leaving such an impaired officer in place aren't wholly his own fault. PC Harwood had an appalling disciplinary record, and the risks should have been recognised and acted upon by his superiors long before Mr Tomlinson died.
Harwood is a flawed individual, one of those unfortunates who would have arguably been better off had they lost their balls at puberty, and with them their violence and aggression. Even 'usefully' engaged as a policeman, he was a ticking time bomb. An inquest jury has now quite rightly determined that he unlawfully killed Ian Tomlinson. He must face trial. 

However, the succession of  Harwood's bosses, who turned a blind eye to his psycopathic violence and appalling disciplinary record because he was 'useful' should also ask themselves today whether they themselves are fit to continue in public office. 


Gordo said...

Excellent post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

True, how very true.
I've met a few like him over the years. They do inevitably end up committing crimes such as this.

Such a shame a sick and defenceless man had to pay the price of his life due to the Police Service's failure to eject this officer long ago.

opsimath said...

Very well said, sir.

At a time when the very concept of policing by consent is being forgotten and uniformed thugs roam our streets, maiming and killing in the knowledge that nothing will ever be done, much could be done to reverse the public's disaffection than to send this monster down for a long time.

The chances of that happening in the police state in which we now live are, sadly, very small.

Thank you for your lucid comments, both today and last year.

Anonymous said...


I'm not trying to contradict you, but could you please link to anything showing his, 'appalling disciplinary record'?

Thank you.

turkish dave said...

the man had left the Met under a cloud, joined Surrey, left there under a cloud and re-joined the Met .. quiet a few should beasr responsibility for this thug, but lets face it, 'they' protect there own and until a change is forced upon the police in general on how they investigate accusations against there own, we'll be here again soon .....

TomTom said...

There is often a sense that if not the Police then Prison. Some officers are undetected criminals, but is their superiors shielding them or turning a blind eye that make it appear the police force itself is institutionally criminal and that is a ridiculous conclusion only made credible by the strange way in which PC Harwood left the Met to re-join as a Civilian before being employed as a PC in Surrey (?) and transferring back to the Met to avoid disciplinary hearings

Anonymous said...

It is believed that upward of 20% of the population are afflicted and can therefore be classified as Psychopaths.

In view of this alarming statistic how many more of Haywoods ilk do the policy men hold in stock, ready to be unleashed.

It is certain that the identities of such policy men are known by their records and yet for reason of solidarity/kinship they remain at liberty to inflict their version of summary judgement.

Anonymous said...

Having watched the video of the incident it made me shudder to watch the total ambivalence of the witnessing pigs.Not one attempted to offer assistance or reproach Harwood with even so much as a disapproving glance. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would have felt compelled to action whatever the circumstances.

Surely definitive proof of the chasm that now exists between the enforcers and plebs.

Andy said...

Sadly it would seem that the police have the "Judge Dredd" attitude to us proles,we are all criminals,we just haven`t been caught yet.

Anonymous said...

"a pitbull's DNA isn't the dog's fault,"

A point to be borne in mind by those who call for "punishment" of crimes of violence. Prevention makes sense, punishment is generally ineffective.