Monday, 2 May 2011

So what now?

That afternoon almost ten years ago demonstrated how immediate news now is. There was an animated but suppressed discussion at the other end of the office; a knot of people including one of the top-floor chiefs. As I wandered up to drop some letters off in the post bin, it became clear what was going on. I didn't linger at the office that day, but came home to switch the TV on to get the full story. By midnight our time, there can have been few people around the world who weren't aware that terrorists had flown into the World Trade Center in New York and that Bin Laden was in the frame for it. 

Since then of course we've had the ongoing engagement in Afghanistan (justified) and a disastrous military adventure in Iraq (unjustified) that has immeasurably strengthened Islamic terrorism worldwide. Pakistan and its shadowy ISI, the finger on the nuke, continues to play a dangerous double game. North Africa is in turmoil, and our new and very green PM can't seem to resist playing with our few remaining war toys here. A whole generation of British Muslims, excluded from mainstream society by Labour's connivance in a dangerous and corrosive multikulti, have become radicalised and are now an enemy within. As we celebrate Bin Laden's death today, it's useful to remember that in Luton, in Bradford and in Tower Hamlets there will be silly and ignorant young men simmering in anger. 

So what now? Well, we're no longer in control of events. They've assumed their own momentum and course, and will run their route. AJE will be the news channel to follow today, I think. 


Sue said...

It would have been more sensible not to announce and film a myriad of people celebrating and patting the Americans on the back.

I am just waiting for the retribution killings to commence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that OBL was buried at sea where no one can dig him up. I reckon he was killed *before* the Royal Wedding...

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