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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tips for UKIP

OK, UKIP, I agree with your policies. I've voted for you several times. I think Nigel Farage is a charismatic and effective leader, and he's a sea fisherman to boot. Why is it then that I can't quite bring myself to declare myself a UKIP supporter, let alone join the party? Let's be honest here;
1. The £ sign in the logo. It's naff. Pure Mr Byrite.
2. I hate the colours; purple and yellow are also utterly naff. Like a Council house bedroom decorated by a demented tenant on acid.
3. You're neither middle-class enough nor intellectual enough. You need smart totty (smart in the social sense) and a clutch of personable academics, plus a couple of knighted businessmen.
4. You're too 'against' stuff and don't communicate or project a set of positive values I can buy into.
5. The name. It doesn't accurately reflect the party's policies. I'm not in favour of an 'Independent' UK if this means joining Zimbabwe. Free trade, ports open to goods of all nations, a moral and intellectual dependence on common European cultural and religious roots, Liberal, responsible, a partner and friend to other nations and peoples.
6. There's nothing aspirational about the party; I won't meet  a Booker-prize winner, a Turner prize finalist or a TV historian at your receptions. I imagine UKIP does like being stuck in a dreary provincial golf-club with car dealers and estate agents in polyester blazers.Even though UKIP supporters on the Internet are largely witty, wise and personable.
National politics is all about consumer branding these days. Tory Coke vs Labour Pepsi. It's the UKIP brand that's lacking something, not the UKIP manifesto. Sorry to be so shallow, but there it is. 


UKIP if you want to said...

"It's the UKIP brand that's lacking something,"

I'm sure suggestions are welcome!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

To a certain extent, R, I agree with a number of your points. For yonks I have been complaining that their presentation lacks much to be desired, yet unfortunately no-one that I know in the upper echelons appears to wish to listen........

UKIP if you want to said...

Based on the comments above by WfW, perhaps suggestions aren't welcome :(

Ian R Thorpe said...

UKIP have fallen into the trap of allowing themselves to be characterised as the party of Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. They really do need to emphasise the positive. There are many millions of working class voters disillusioned with Labour (the party of lawyers, academics and public service workers)just waiting for someone to speak for them.
G.K. Chesterton has a very strong message for the UKIP party managers in his poem The Secret People

haddock said...

perhaps UKIP could do with a fifty something, Boat owner, centre-right, country boy, who shoots, fishes, drinks, smokes and makes things to inject some new thinking ?
points 1 and 2 are made frequently by UKIP members....

Curmudgeon said...

To some extent, won't the middle-class, aspirational bit come with success?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I want UKIP to be electable, the votes are out there to be grasped.
Little Englander is a term often used by the 4th estate, yes but little Englanders whose hearts are in exactly the right place.
Vision, drive and charisma is needed but not a vapid Dave/Miliband/Clegg double.
Character and gravitas are far more important/desirable.
Enoch Powell would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

A independent and libertarian stance would be good and right for Britain.

We must ally ourselves to the Anglosphere, forget about Europe, they are not our brothers, unlike Aus/NZ/Canada/US [some] and this would appeal to many in Britain.

AND!...F*** the Tories/Lavs/Lib dhims.

Paul said...

OK, what colours would one suggest for UKIP? Yellow and purple do look a bit tacky, I'd agree with you there.

Anonymous said...

Positive message for UKIP usage:

“There are approximately 190 nation states on this planet – that’s 190 countries full of vibrant, colourful, and interesting people that we could be meeting. We could be trading with them, sharing our cultural experience, and helping them with infrastructure, personnel exchange etc.

Why do we tie ourselves to a miserable, grey, and protectionist bunch of crooks in the EU”

But your general observations are correct; every time I see Roger Knapman I think ‘Mothballs’.

Gordo said...

Do they want to win? the top echelons? Or are they a safety valve?

I am Sick said...

As someone who was briefly a member, I have to agree the parties image to outsiders, is awful.
Far worse still, the people at the top of the party can't see this. The party is Farage-centric and thus looks like a one trick donkey to potential voters.
Whilst I like Farage, his delivery is unsuited to television, he gestures too much and is too loud and one dimensional, he should seriously tone it down for television and use the loud button only in short, rare bursts.
The party needs a serious marketing make over, the cheap and nasty £ logo should be ditched and the name shortened to the UK party.
The electorate know something is really wrong with how we are governed, but not the extent of the surrender to unaccountable, faceless, Brussels Mafia( largely down to the deciet of the three main parties and the tirelessly treacherous BBC )so the independence in the UKIP message is meaningless to potential voters, who cannot relate to the message. Independent? Independent of what? We are still a sovereign country right? The Union flag still flies over the country, there is no enemy army to be seen, Westminster still makes laws? Really, most people still believe this and regard Brussels as some irritating bully, who wants us to give up what secretly, we have already surrendered and that our government is fighting the plucky fight, to protect us from their intrusion. Whilst nothing could be further from the truth, as long as that illusion can be maintained, the main three parties can continue their collective lies and pretence, that UKIP are just fringe nutters who are moaning about nothing really and the independence issue is a dead duck.
The colours also need serious revision, with a much less 'in your face' rabid, obsessive pensioner feel.
Maybe pastelising them to a pale lemon and lilac would work better. Finally they need desperately, new articulate, younger, savvy, faces, who can reach out to a younger target group.
Above all, the party needs to be for positive issues, that strike a chord with the disaffected and grudging main party voters. Visions of a better country as well as a free one, are far more powerful messages, than it's all Brussels fault, even if it largely is.

UKIP if you want to said...

As regards the logo & the colours; anything containing red/white/blue and even just alluding to the Union Jack will be seized upon as being the BNP lite.

Gordo said...

Full fat for me please.

Gordo said...

Full fat for me please.

Gordo said...

Yes two!

DeeDee99 said...

I'm a UKIP member.

I agree the logo should be changed. We are fighting for much more than retention of Sterling now; we are fighting for the right of self-governance. I would favour Britannia.

As for colours; that is a difficult one. I don't particularly like the purple/yellow but most prime colours have already been taken: blue, red, green, yellow.

As for the membership; it is younger than most people think. We may not be celebrities but what we do have is commitment to the cause of regaining our independence from the EU. Gradually, people are listening to us - and with people such as the economist Ruth Lea supporting UKIP and Stuart Wheeler acting as Treasurer and helping fund the party, we can only increase our voter-base.

The 2014 EU Parliament elections will be a game-changer if UKIP wins. Cameron will hardly be able to claim that the British people are happy with membership of the EU if the winning party is UKIP and Farage is leader of the largest British party.

Get over the image; it isn't that important. What IS important is recovering the right to govern ourselves. The UK was the first truly global trading nation and that is what we should become again. We aren't 'little Englanders.' We are whole worlders. We want to strengthen our links with the Anglo-Commonwealth and India and leave the EU to its bureaucrats, Directives and protectionist rackets.