Friday, 8 July 2011

Badger-watchers heave sigh of relief

MPs fond of a spot of nocturnal badger-watching on Hampstead Heath, soccer players who prefer their fowl spatchcocked and soap stars with rotten nasal septa must be heaving a sigh of relief this morning, and at Clarence House there's probably champers for brekkie, but I fear it will all be short lived. The 'Screws' didn't exist in a vacuum; it was popular and successful because it chimed exactly with our nation's sense of prurience. We lapped up every coyly salacious description, revelled in the archaic Screws-speak and owed ourselves a pint every time a reporter 'made his excuses and left'. 

"Now I remember! It was your name of course
In the News of the World with the blonde and the horse
All dressed up in gymslips, I say what a lark!"


James Higham said...

Hope it all comes out, all the dirt, all the sleaze - it will help diminish the feeling of dismay at how this country's sunk.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

We should perhaps be a little circumspect in our celebrations.

All sorts of nasty pieces of work will be quietly thanking their lucky stars that they can now go about their nefarious business with less chance of being uncovered.

Politicians are by no means the least of these.

Freedom of the press, ugly though it be, is infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Anonymous said...

@ Weekend Yachtsman - yes, I agree.

Its a sad day because a famous newspaper has died. 168 years and killed off, not by the admin cleks or the printers or the moral journalists, but by a handful of people who will likely walk away. Another 200 livelihoods down the stank. The decent people in that organ have been sacrificed to save the few wrong-uns.

Far from letting this matter rest,the pressure should now be on Wade, Brooks, whatever her name, to resign and for BSkyB to remain where it is.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Update: Gildas has said it better than I could: