Monday, 4 July 2011

Johann Hari and the Orwell Prize

I must admit I don't read Johann Hari and I've only vaguely heard of the Orwell Prize, but of course I shalln't allow either of these facts prevent me from venturing an opinion on the matter. Orwell of course consummately catalogued with great insight the deceptions, frauds, deceits, mendacities and outright dishonesty of the totalitarian Left. Given what this shit Hari has done, I can actually think of no-one more deserving of a prize in Orwell's name.

Alastair Campbell should have got one for 'Most Idiotic Plagiarism 2003', Gordon Brown for 'Best self-deception' in 2008 and 2009 and for 'Most bigoted stereotyping' in 2010 for that campaign trail description of Gillian Duffy, and of course Polly Toynbee should get an Orwell lifetime achievement award for 'Omission, distortion and misrepresentation above the call of duty'.  


Barnacle Bill said...

I often wonder if there was a bit of conditioning in my public school's choice of Homage to Catalonia in our Eng. Lit. O level course?

It certainly open my youthful eyes to "the deceptions, frauds, deceits, mendacities and outright dishonesty of the totalitarian Left."

Anonymous said...

I'm an accountant and when I act for lefties I always tell them they owe far more tax than they actually do, because I believe that we should all give more via the aid scheme run by HMRC.

I feel that they would be happy knowing that they have given to charideee, which after all is a GOOD THING which surely no one could dispute.

Of course, my method obviates the need to discuss matters, indulge in debate, relieves the celeb of much agonising over which charidee should be the recipient and generally saves their valuable time.

Sadly, if they ever find out, they never, ever seem to agree with my approach.

Anonymous said...

Toynbee is a very dangerous woman, idiots read her confusing mush and think it is the Gospel truth FFS.

Most of these dolts, hold positions of influence in central and local government/quangos and many are senior social workers and coppers too.
How anyone can set store in what she parrots is absolutely beyond my ken to understand.