Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An atmosphere of quiet threat

On police advice, we closed two sites at lunchtime and sent the lads home. There is the acrid throat-stinging insult of major fires in the nostrils and the throat; two buildings have collapsed in the street and I'll bet these either side will need demolition. The forensic teams are out, and large areas are still cordoned off with tape, and PCSOs set to prevent entry. As I passed, a 6'6" African immigrant was trying to pick a quarrel, trying to provoke the 5'6" PCSO in front of him; the thought came unwanted to my mind "you don't even f-----g belong here, c--t,"  and I was amazed at my own racism. 

There is a line of plods in normal kit walking up and down the High Street between the (intact) Wetherspoons and the (trashed) Paddy Power. Just beyond their beat lean little clumps of feral blacks, hoods up, waiting. They trickle in, yapping on their mobiles, woolen scarves pulled around their heads. I feel violent. I make direct eye contact with a loping caramel youth and glare; he returns my glare with hate and hostility in his face. "C'mon then! C'mon then!" goes the thought in my mind, but he doesn't. I'm a big lad and I've got my steel toecap site boots on today. 

Another black on a bike is doing a recce, in shorts and tee but head in a balaclava. He spins about, clocking the plods, nods to his feral fellow-creatures, on a mission. The last late shoppers are waiting for the few buses that trickle through; the market stalls have all gone by 3pm, intact shops are closed and shuttered. The illegal mobile unlocking stall and it's square-shoed Albanian proprietor is still trading; no doubt he'll do good business. 

We're in lockdown and waiting quietly. The threat is palpable. At home I check my two 6kg extinguishers and two 1kg dry powder ones; puny and ineffective against petrol bombs. When they looted the pub they threw burning crates in, and then a 20l can of petrol on top. Tonight we'll be waiting - there's a feeling that the way it goes later tonight will be critical.    


TheRagingTory said...

"two 1kg dry powder ones; puny and ineffective against petrol bombs"
Surprisingly effective against humanoid threats though...

Anonymous said...

Good luck my friend!

Blue Eyes said...

Stay safe Mr R.

Raedwald said...

You too, Blue

Anonymous said...

Keep safe mate. The shit has hit the fan and it looks like it's gonna be down to Jo Bloggs to keep the country from being totally destroyed. The police aint coping and the politicians are just useless and getting in the way.


Liberista said...

dont you wish you had a shotgun now?

Raedwald said...

Who says I haven't? But it's for shooting game, not people.

Anonymous said...

I hope, that you're not on your own Raedwald.
In fact, I hope, that you are you team handed.

Don't do anything too daft, they'll much prefer to do you and you know it.
If you have to do 'owt' - make it hard, fast, and as quietly, surreptitiously as you can.

Pete said...

Get one of the fuckers for me.

meltemian said...

Please take care, keep safe. I can't believe there are riots in England, I'm more used to them here in Greece. I'll be logging in early tomorrow to make sure you're OK.

outsider said...

Don't think you were being racist.Your anger with a lawless immigrant or the underclass is justified regardless of race, colour or creed. In the days when my great grandfather had to barricade his Oxford Street shop against East End rioters, the London underclass was white. They were neither more nor less scum.

At such times, it is hard to "love your enemy" but it is still worth a try for one's own peace of mind. It does not stop us punishing the guilty, locking people up or offering them a tough choice: repent (not necessarily in a religious sense)if you want to re-enter mainstream society.

Cromwell said...

A quick scan of the newspapers is instructive:

A picture of a worried camoron talking to the Superintendent oakley of Croydon in front of the burnt out hulk of the furniture store-two totally ineffective people.

The governments purported response for this evening-talk of water cannons and more personnel 16000 for a population of 8million-inadequate and ineffective, potentially some high streets might be protected, not much more.

Reports of groups defending their property(turks and muslims) being extraordinarily effective.

I am pleased that some are realising that any reliance on police to protect citizens in their residential streets are misplaced. Citizens militias need to be formed for each street.

Priority 1. remove potential weapons from streets-wheelie bins, flammable materials, anything that could be used as a projectile.

Priority 2. Restrict access to residents only, nobody with hoodies, scarves or similar type clothing to enter. Park cars across entire width of street at both ends, park as close together as possible. 6 inches max space between. As many men as possible standing in front of cars-highly visible and armed(see below) a goodly reserve force behind the cars.

Priority 3. Preventative measures.
As many buckets of water as you can muster ten feet behind the cars.

Priority 4. Communications, celphone contact with group at other end of the street.Fire watchers with celphones.

Intimidation-guys out front should be the biggest, if possible wearing black balaclavas, or nylon tights with eyeholes. Speak firmly and loud-Move on, we are armed and potentially dangerous.
Flashlights, celphone cameras, video cameras may be all that is necessary to deter them, threaten their anonimity, say I recognise you (even if you don't) have somebody loudly calling in to 999 describing the potential assailant(s) announce you have photographic evidence.

Defensive weapons-use your imagination but generally the longer the better, you do not want to engage in close combat you want to keep the assailant away from you while you verbally threaten him (that is usually enough, these guys are not heroes and will choose an easier target). Scaffold poles are good, garden hoes too, garden shovels, forks, crowbars and hammers will make most people back off particularly if confronted by three people, located centre, left and right four feet apart if possible.

If the shit hits the fan, tactics, never less than three handed, select one target if possible the mouthiest, disable without coming into his reach. recommended several blows to the collar bone. A knee to the groin will disable anybody. If possible detain him with two electrical zap straps, one around his wrists the other through the loop and secured to a traffic sign pole or lamppost, pull down trousers and underpants, post a guard.If this is in front of the cars so much the better.

Good luck, London survived the Blitz it can sure as hell fend-off these scum.

Anonymous said...

Don't get drawn in Radders. The analysis will always blame good people like you and let the foreign scum off the hook. Hunker down and report back here tomorow to give a "state of the nation's Capitol".

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

"these guys are not heroes"

From the CCTV photos, some are girls.

Greg Tingey said...

I keep a sword (admittedly a practice weapon - neither edge" nor "point" - but, lethal against someone not wearing armour) handy.
Yes, I can use it.

Still don't like the racism, though, since brown people are suffering as much as pink ones from this violence.

Greg Tingey said...

The "contract" between us and the guvmint, and their agents, the Police, is that they look after us, and we should not need to arm ourselves.
Well, now ....
There is also, again from the Daily Telegraph, THIS SCARY PIECE

Note the quote: "The attack was witnessed by a lone police officer who could do nothing but wait for his colleagues to arrive." well, rubbish!
The word is not could" but WOULD.

With that evidence, I would say that the contract referred to, above, is void.

William Gruff said...

' ... "you don't even f-----g belong here, c--t," and I was amazed at my own racism.'

Could you explain for those of us who cannot see it what is 'racist' about that?