Friday, 19 August 2011

Best of luck to 'salty' Bob

I know Bob Frost, and I'm sure he'd be the first to agree that newspapers are for writing for, not appearing in. The Mail of course only tells an angle; in reality Bob is a highly capable and experienced sailor with more deep sea miles under his belt than many an entire yacht club. He's also immensely nice, extremely helpful, erudite, charming, witty and the father of a wonderful family. And at times his language can be a little salty. I remember him telling me once that his son had borrowed his small sailing boat to take his girlfriend out. To Madeira. They sailed there and back with as much sangfroid as a Sunday outing to the park. Like father like son. For Bob, a fit young fellow should spend his time taking a small boat out into the Atlantic Ocean and not smashing shop windows and puffing spliffies. His frustration at the wasted potential must be intense. 

Anyhow I wish him the best of luck and hope this little thing will blow over. Bob and chaps like him are the very backbone of this nation. We must treasure them. 


FrankS said...

Time to ask ourselves… what's wrong with calling a spade a spade?

James Higham said...

Sigh. I'd love to be on the water again.

Anonymous said...

What did he [Bob Frost] say that was wrong?

Anyhow, listening to R4 this morn' @08.45 approx, we had some bod talking about: young London Street lads/thugs should learn to speak and elocute English correctly.
I may be wrong but, now but weren't the liberal bleeding hearts cognoscenti railing on about Stakey's outburst [white kids using 'black/yardie' steet slang]
the other day, or, am I conflating?

Hypocrisy! Thy name is also the chatterati [ever one and the same].
If the Notting Hill set, admit to the fact that: street patois can tar kids with the ghetto tag - that's OK.

If anyone else says it: "you're a racist white scumbag!"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Raedwald, he might well get the sack from his job along with being releived of his civic duties.

Now, if he was a chief executive of the same authority, he might get a golden handshake to go with it, but because he gives his time more or less for free, he would likely be treated differently.

Sean said...

The number of times ive called my fruit "monkeys" is too vast to imagine.

Its a wonder being that they are born of Malaysian/Australian decent that they have not been removed from our home for their own/state "protection"

The problem with the remark is that animals, especially monkeys in the jungle act with more intelligence, so I would say it was indeed wide of the mark.

Manganese said...

I used to enjoy Bob's contributions to the YBW forum but haven't seen him there for some time. He is one of several erstwhile members who are greatly missed (regard for your modesty and humility, Raedwald, prohibits me from mentioning others).

He is no stranger to inciting controversy though and I seem to recall someone threatening to "rip off his head" after he posted a rather amusing picture that one or two small-minded people found offensive.

We'll have to take, at face value, Bob's insistence that his remarks were innocent...but he does appear to like a little frisson from time to time. And why not? Life would be dull indeed if we all rolled over in the almost overwhelming maelstrom of political correctness.

Greg Tingey said...

I STRONGLY SUGGEST that people read...
THIS article by historian David Starkey.

I agree with every word of it.
Please note the careful reasoning.

Wakey-up time, peoples.
It's NOT about race.
It's about the complete failure of education.
Note who agrees with Starkey - by no means are all of them pink - quite a few are brown.
Interesting that, isn't it?

Guthrum said...

Sadly he has committed a 'thought crime' which is far worse than rioting

Anonymous said...

You're too PC mate, of course it's about race.
The Socialists are rabidly racist to a man/woman: they hate and despise the English.

Greg Tingey said...

Guthrum & anon
It iosn't about "race"
It's about EDUCATION

English Pensioner said...

Accusations of racism are used by those who have no logical arguments to deploy against someone.
They are used to try and get someone fired, either in the hope of personal advancement, or because they are a political rival who is causing them problems.
99.999% of those making accusations of racism are in fact racists themselves.

Beadle said...

I too have missed Bob's posts on YBW, didn't always agree - but always entertained.

Sadly I fear he will lose out after this - certainly much than than he stood to lose had he joined in the rioting.

Something badly askew when its a crime to speak the truth

Gallovidian said...

I personally find jungle bunnies unacceptable in modern society.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - I'm afraid Bob is for the chop. We still live in a nation where the notion of tolerance exists only in the minds of the PC enforcers; and then not for any other reason than to persecute those that disagree with their political pursuasions. For the left-wing chatterati, tolerance is a one way street and part of their very own brand of funny handshake vocabulary.

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