Sunday, 7 August 2011

Enfield: Twitter the tool of insurrection?

It's fascinating at the moment (around 8.20) watching the number of Tweets with the word Enfield in them suddenly accelerating to one a second or so when just a few minutes ago similar posts 8 hours old and 8 minutes old could be viewed on the same screen. Locals are posting pictures as they happen - as below. One only presumes that either the rioters don't smoke or have forgotten to bring their lighters with them. With a bit of luck the police will swamp the area and kill any further damage. 


JohnofEnfield said...

I haven't been to the (Enfield) town centre but someone knocked on my door an hour ago to tell me that Riot Police had blocked off the main shopping parade.

Enfield is slightly peripheral to the Lee Valley axis (Edmonton, Wood Green, Bruce Grove, Tottenham) where all the huge (black?) gangs operate.

The only attractions are the decent shops - maybe the rioters are after "loot" rather than "justice".

I can now hear a helicopter overhead.

I am outraged at the provocative coverage by the BBC. The executive should be jailed for inciting a riot.

Panic is futile, the government is in control.... said...

Don't worry. William Hague and his team are on this 24/7, everything is going as planned, just like Libya.

Olympic security now requires a slight bump in budget.

Monetary crisis? Who said that?

outsider said...

Great post. If the police follow your lead and trace the tweets, they might actually get to the bottom of this.

Greg Tingey said...

You are correct.
News reports suggest that is exactly what the police/authorities are/will do.
Trawl through the back e-mail/twitter/cctv etc. messages, and go round and nick a few thieves.

However, in another report (Daily Telegraph) a link suggests (no proof yet) that the bullet lodged in a cop's radio at the site of the Duggan shooting was ... another police bullet.
Forensic test are ongoing.
IF, note the "IF", this is so, then the whole thing is ANOTHER police gross cock-up.

Oh dear.