Monday, 8 August 2011

Ken, sod off and shrivel up

Ken Livingstone, the slurring drunk has-been who welcomed Jihadists and Islamic extremists to London, friend of terrorists, lunatics and nut-jobs, a man unable to ride a bicycle but who loved beyond reason long boozy lunches and chauffeured limos, has emitted a discordant whine in his efforts for someone to notice him as a potential Labour candidate for Mayor next year. On the LabourList blog, Livingstone blames 'Tory cuts' for the riots - no mention of that gurning idiot Brown's gross fiscal mismanagement that will take twenty years to correct, no mention that public spending levels and government debt are simply unsustainable. Like that other fool, Tuscan Polly, he imagines the nations' tax-take to be some sort of bottomless purse. If ever there was a man less fitted, less suitable, to lead London during a period of unprecedented turmoil, it's this irritating away-with-the-fairies haemorrhoid.

Ken, get back to your coffin, pull the lid back down and shrivel up. 


Timothy Davis U.S.A. said...

That was a nice little country you had there. Muzzies setting up thier own little islamistans and lefties rioting all over the place.
Is there a date and time for the end there. I would like to get prepared for the "Liverpool Boatlift" We must sharpen our knives and reload magazines to push you back to the sea.
You ruined your country, we do not want refugees who lost coming to our shores. The United States and Canada do not want you. If you value your freedom YOU will do something about it.
Don't worry Mr. Raedwald, I will never compare you with those 56 rebels. They signed thier own DEATH WARRENTS. They had courage, a quality that has been bread out of the english people.
You keep typing away at that keyboard though. Lets hope your fingertips do not get sore. Lets hope that the people you elected don't pass a law that makes this blog illeagle.
Peace my friends. Growing a beard is not all that hard to do.

Raedwald said...

Timothy - your crude incitements to violence may be more credible if you learned how to spell.

Sean said...

There was a lefty woman on Sky news reviving the newspapers last night(could not be bothered to notice he her name) who blamed it on cuts to youth services! at times the Left are cartoon characters of themselves even when the evidence is in front of their eyes in the shape of hot hatches, designer clothes and the very latest in mobile tech.

Greg Tingey said...

Apart from being illiterate, TD of the USA has it wrong.
I have a long beard, but I could not be mistaken for a teetotal islamist - and I LURVE pork, anyway!

On the subject of pink Ken.
He is desperately unpopular with even the Labour party, mainly because of his support of ANOTHER islamist in Tower Hamlets.
No educated woman is going to vote for Ken, for obvious reasons.
Trouble is, who else have we got?
The man really is a buffoon.
And WHO is the Lem-o-Crat candidate ??

Anonymous said...


It was Julie Bindel, writer [?] for the Graun' and 'expert' in gender politics [wotever - sorry Raewald].

On Ken, he's....... - well there are so many adjectives and ways to describe this guy but I'll use the middle English term derived from a Germanic word: Kunte.

Blue Eyes said...

100% agreement Mr R!

The social problems we face are by no means insurmountable, but unfortunately the current liberal elite prefer the path of least resistance.

I think we will have to wait until the economy properly collapses before people realise that we can't go on transferring wealth to each other.

The productive will survive one way or the other, the unproductive will have to adapt or steal. The productive will have to learn to protect what they have a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Rae D wald....oops:>(

James Higham said...

Looks like we may be back to the "Anyone but Ken" days again.

Elby the Beserk said...

Mr. Davis. Seek urgent medical attention.

Oh - sorry - no cure for stupidity. Never mind.

John M said...

Not just Jihadists. I can still clearly recall Livingstone hugging Gerry Adams having invited him to the GLC only a few years after the Brighton bomb.

As a lot of those friendly folks in Northern Ireland would say, some things can never be forgiven. Some things should never be forgotton.

Gurning chancellor Gordoom Brown...... said...

Ken is quite right of course, once all the banks are bust, and the Currys and sainsburys looted and burned, and all the white people move out of London, we will redevelop the new Detroit-on-Thames.

I already have plans for a second term as PM, and I intend to nationalize all privately owned gold then sell it at GBP400/oz to fund the essential Jamaican lifestyle social services.

Oh, there is so much work to be done with what you thought was your money.

Are you not glad how you welcomed the Jamaicans into your community, they add fire and passion everywhere they go(except work).