Monday, 8 August 2011

London ratepayers, not insurers, will pay for damage

I've posted this before yet asinine MSM reporters continue to make statements on air such as 'leaving businesses with a big bill'. So any journalists reading please pay close attention. Look at your insurance policy; go the exclusions and find the word that occurs between 'radioactivity' and 'terrorism'. Yep. Riot. All that damage - if caused by 12 or more persons in a group acting in common purpose - is riot damage and excluded from all insurance policies. So who pays? The taxpayer does. Under the Riot and Damages Act of 1886, claims (in London) are met in the first instance by the Met police - and are then reclaimed from council tax payers by an increase in the police precept. Except Council taxes have been pegged - so now something will have to close to pay for it, like a leisure centre or a community youth project - with the site probably sold to a commercial developer. And these monkeys think they're smart. 


Anonymous said...

And if it spreads to other inner cities ?
Looting ,banditry.
If they do not nip this one in the bud I shudder to think of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

And the Guardian and BBC won't shut up about cuts and oppression.

Christ they truly cant see beyond the enemy of my enemy is my friend..

i.e. They identify more with the criminals than with the law abiding majority..

And they call Maggie heartless for saying there was no such thing as society.. Well there isn't in Tottenham, Croydon, CLapham, Barking etc...

Chris Rock.... said...

They are not monkeys, monkeys left to their own devices will form very successful families and communities something these reprobates could never do.

I am going to use the correct term as used by successful black people to describe the majority of the rioters-niggers-yep I said it, and don't go calling me a racist. Watch this clip from 15 years ago, it adequately explains the correct terminology in a mock jocular fashion. The message however is clear.

Fe,fi fo figger-I surely do hate niggers.

Chris Rock............ said...

It seems blogger does not automatically create a hyperlink.

For those who want to watch the clip:

Highlight the web address,
Press Ctrl-C on your keyboard.
Open your preferred search engine,
Move your mouse pointer to the search pane click once,
Press Ctrl-V,the web address should be copied into the search panel,
Press the search button,
Click on the video link,

Timothy Allen Davis U.S.A. said...

Your country is burning down right in front of your eyes. You are worried that insurace will not cover it?
I have a suggestion. Along with free welfare, free health care and free transportation think of something else you can give them for free. Alchohol and mind altering drugs come to mind. And while you are at it I recomend a sweep by the Gendarmarie to pick up any firearm that might still be in the hands of an honest British Citizen, along with any knives with more than a one inch blade.

Third world immigration and restictive gun laws. How very progressive of you.

You can take comfort that as citizens of Great Britain, you did this to yourself.

Reap what you sow? Not true?

Keep up the good fight. Patriots of the English speaking world need all the fighting keyboaders we can find. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I think YOU should go and look at some modern policy wordings. Insurers no longer exclude damage by riot - in fact Aviva's shop insurance policy actually includes the following as a defined contingency: "riot, civil commotion, strikers....."
In its finest home insurance policy Tesco only excludes "riot or civil disturbance outside the United Kingdom..."
It seems the insurers will pay (although they might claim it back from the police later?)

Greg Tingey said...

ERROR in original post ...
The word "think" in the last sentence.

To other posters ... I'm disgusted by your racism.

Try using that well-known source of leftist propaganda, the Daily Telegraph.

In its' web-pages, there is a photograph of Hackney residents being evacuated.
Their faces are pink, pale brown and dark brown, and all alike - in fear for their lives and property.

Like fear, criminality knows no race boundaries or class boundaries either.
There's another "DT" pic showing someone even paler-pink than me, who has been arrested - so I would suggest that some posters here are not just bigots, but ignorant and stupid with it.

Anonymous said...

The comments about Insurers not paying out for Riot in the UK is completely wrong.

As someone has already pointed out, they do pay out and then can recover some (not all) of this money from the Policy Authority (using an insurance principle of Subrogation under Statute if you want to get technical)

The Police Authority used to insure their liability for these unbudgeted costs with the UK insurance market anyway!

Suffice to say the youth projects are still safe...


Timothy Allen Davis U.S.A. said...

Well, again you are worried about my comment. Number 1 I was not commenting on whether or not insurance would pay for the property loss. I was commenting on post ADDRESSING the issue.

Again london is burning and you are worried about trivialities.
Thugs are forcing people to take thier clothes off and you are doing nothing about it.

I thank the lord dailey that I had the opportunity to leave europe behind in 1986 and move to the United States .

Face it. Unless you people get the balls to start killing the looters and takers you are doomed.

But since even advocationg this is illegal in the U.K. you will not do it.

What will you do when you are force by a thug to strip? Why you will start crying and take your clothes off. That is what you will do.

There is saying in American English. I do not know if translates well in The Queens English.

It must suck to be you.

Raedwald said...

(1) Businesses and persons don't need to be insured by private insurers to claim under the Riot Damages Act but those who are may claim through their insurers - but claims have to be in within 2 weeks

(2) Whether or not police authorities can insure against this risk is not simple.

Timothy Allen Davis U.S.A. said...

Oh my.Thank you mister Raedwald for the belly laugh.

London is burning to the ground, people are being assulted, stores are being looted. And still you are worried about the insurance issue.

You Sir are a perfect example of why the barbarians are now at your own gates. You invited them yourself Mister Raedwald.

If you, Mister Raedwald are an example of the best the United Kingdom has to offer. Well enough said. I promised my mother I would always be polite.

Good luck.

As an after thought. In my research of Revolutionary War history. I could not identify a single British Regiment that won a battle honour fighting against the Colonials. I have went through several sources. I do not belive this could be true. Perhaps someone else in Britain can confirm this odd little "fact" of British military history?