Friday, 12 August 2011

Repulsive Hazel Blears dribbles ignorance

The repulsive expenses thief Hazel Blears - you may recall she made £80,000 through tax avoidance in 'flipping' homes, charged the taxpayer for an £850 television, a £650 mattress, a second television within a year for £913,  £200 for bath towels, £668 on bed linen, £439 on crockery and thousands upon thousands in mortgage payments, and who also charged us a full £400 a month for her food - has dribbled her ignorance in asking on Sky news why the rioting kids were not in school. 

Blears is still clearly too busy carrying out her own looting of the public purse for her foul and deeply stupid person to stand upon the same earth as the rest of us. 


Tarka the Rotter said...

e-petition to re-open Traitor's Gate, anyone?

AnthonyV said...

You probably haven't seen the news report on North West news. Only a brief clip but a bloke said to her "Get a broom, get a shovel and clear up" as she was trying to spout on at him. Hateful woman, one of the worst of the bunch with Labour

A Red Rosette on Sh*t said...

And yet, and yet, the magnificent people of this land voted her and treason personified Brown back in.

Not only that, if there was a GE next week, Liebour would storm back into office.

The real problem lies not with politicians, but with "us" for endorsing their venality.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Quite. Those bent on sponging off the taxpayer will always vote for filth like Blears. So what the thieving scum steals tens of thousands of pounds of other people's money, provided we get to steal thousands of pounds of other people's money.