Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Scotland on the road to a national police force

Scotland's inexorable drift towards a national police force continues, and stands as a grim warning to England of the way things could go here if ACPO gets its way. 

Rory Mair, Chairman of the Scottish local government convention, warned "a national force would be accountable to a single Government-appointed board. Instead of there being 1200 individuals elected locally who can have a say in the service, we’re talking about an appointed board of 20 or so souls appointed by the minister who will do that job on behalf of the whole of Scotland."

The transformation of Scotland's police from a force constituted on Peelean principles, locally based, locally governed and locally accountable, into the paramilitary wing of the Scottish State is about to happen. Be very afraid. 


Barnacle Bill said...

They're just getting ready for when it all kicks off north of the border.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the chance I had to vote for the local police board , silly me , I thought they were appointees of our local government i.e. lovely socialist sinecures.

Greg Tingey said...

Especially when one considers the mean-minded, petty presbyterian/wee-free anal-retentive puritan control-freaks inhabiting the SNP!

Anonymous said...

The politicians must be protected, as they begin to realise how much they are despised and, well earned is their 'trepidaton'.
Salmond, will come to the conclusion [always too late though], power - ain't everything.

CRS [Scotland], equivalent rolling out soon?
England awaits.

Dave WON'T see it, ACPO are answerable, only to the EU.

"Of the people, for, to cow the people."

Gallovidian said...

All the better to implement Mister Salmond's planned law to send dissenters to prison for five years for any statement on racial or religious issues with which he does not agree.

Touted as being related to the all important football, it will stifle all debate on non-Christain religions and on coloured immigration, even on the internet, with 5 year sentences in Barlinnie or Peterhead as punishment.

Also remember that Salmond and his gang want appeals on human rights issues from Scottish courts to bypass the UK Supreme Court in London and go directly to Europe, hardly a bastion of free speech.

Things up here are taking a sinister turn.

English Pensioner said...

Yes, be very afraid, because that's broadly what APCO wants for England; reduce the present forces to a smaller number of larger forces, and then, as yet unspoken, merge them all into one.
Just remember APCO is a private company; how on earth did we manage to let that happen?

Jeff Wood said...

"APCO is a private company; how on earth did we manage to let that happen?"

ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd was first registered at Companies House in 1999,so early in the last Labour administration.

It is a private company, limited by guarantee - I do not know from whom - with no share capital. A slightly unusal structure.

Coho claims no name changes, but I think a couple of years ago the name was something snappier.

I am also sure that there were a few subsidiary companies then, which should still be showing even if dissolved. The names may have been changed to dissociate them from ACPO.

Since we are north of the Border, I also recall and ACPO (Scotland) Ltd, also apparently gone.

Something odd has happened.

Jeff Wood said...

Apologies for the typos: in a hurry.

James Higham said...

I wonder what Rab C Nesbitt would make of this.

Another anonymous said... is the enquirer's friend.

ACPO Scotland has indeed changed its name to fall in line with the similar body for the rest of the UK, and is now found under its full (Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland) title. The Company Registration Number is SC310956.

This formal company structure is often used for professional and hobby associations or societies. The guarantee is by the members, who on joining agree to chip in a tenner or something similar to defray the costs of winding up if it goes belly up. Similarly the permission to trade without the use of "Ltd". There are no shareholders.

So ACPO Ltd is responsible only to its members, who sit on the selection boards for new members, and is therefore utterly self propagating.

For the rest of the UK, the Company number of interest is 03344583. Its registered office in Victoria is the same as ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd, and of TISPOL Organisation (Company No 04010391) who are the "Europen Traffic Police Network. Their solgan is "Crossing Borders to Save Lives". Have a look at: . They are of course part financed by the European Commission and fly the ring of 12 stars on the appropriate web page.

Just saying.