Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sky wins battle for Tripoli

Rebels from Sky News, moving fluidly around the battlefront in small, mobile teams carried in fast Japanese pickups called 'Technicals' amongst broadcasters scored a series of victories in recent days as Tripoli fell. They had live footage of the looting of Gadaffi's compound when the thirty-strong BBC crew were still painstakingly completing their risk-assessment forms in the hills twenty kilometers away. This didn't, of course, stop the BBC from reporting it - we got far-away footage of a plume of smoke from the Beeb, filmed through a high-power telephoto lens, that they claimed was Gadaffi's compound, but it could have been anything. 

The BBC gave us footage of tracer rounds in the night sky filmed from their hotel balcony. Sky gave us footage of the guys firing the tracer. The BBC gave us footage of emptied arms depots that the rebels had long moved on from; Sky gave us footage of the rebels breaking into the depots. The BBC gave us footage of bullet and rocket pockmarked walls; Sky gave us footage of its reporters crouched under walls as the rounds impacted above their heads.   

It's really time we asked whether the TV Tax is going to the right people; perhaps we should confine the BBC to reporting Royal weddings and party conferences and pay proper news-gathering teams to tackle the hard stuff?


Paul said...

I agree, the BBC coverage was abysmal, I un-followed @bbcbreakingnews because even as late as 11:00PM their most recent tweet was 48 hours old

Alex Crawford was simply awesome, move over Simpson and Adie

SkyNews is fast becoming the premier news service in the UK

Not only is it timely and accurate, Sky play a pretty straight bat while all news on auntie seems to go through the BBC prism first

Sean said...

Quality with a capital Q Mr R!

And will we need to file a FOI request to see the budgets I wonder?

Anonymous said...

The BBC obviously know how shite they were too. I happened to listen to a BBC R4/Scot discussion, how even with all those things you highlight being true, the BBC reporting was still the best and it was all due to the unique way the risk assessment forms were completed.

hatfield girl said...

The BBC's reporting and discussion on Libya has been astonishingly biassed - presumably because there is a 'line to take' which has been consistently pro-ghedaffi until the horrors became undeniable.

The Italian and Maltese press are reporting the rape of his 'bodyguards' by Ghedaffi and his sons, together with horrible accounts of their 'recruitment' by means of threats to their families.

The Italian press no longer report the BBC's pronouncements as reliable and unbiassed, or even up-to-date. The BBC has lost its status over its Libyan behaviour.

JohnofEnfield said...

It was pretty much the same over the riots which were a result of Mark Duggan's death. The BBC interviewed aplogists for the rioters, Sky showed us the rioting in detail - their detailed coverage of the riots in my home town of Enfield was particularly instructive.

Span Ows said...

Good post and I agree. I have linked and added my tuppenny worth. I think a break up would be best, maintaining the good bits (dramas? sport? whatever) but dagging the rest.

Anonymous said...

Why, should everyone be forced to pay for all of this? A bunch of; biased, arrogant faux intellectual and closed mind jerks?

The BBC - a mouthpiece for; the EU, Cultural Marxism, P.C., the 'nanny-state', post normal dumbing down and the BS of the green agenda.

Why, do we have to pay for this?

Why, do we put up with this propagandising and 'common purpose' duplicity?

Because, the government says so, because without the beeb, we would yet be: an independent nation.

That's how much we 'need' the bbc, as much as we need - a hole in the head.

Gallovidian said...

YouGov are doing a survey just now, presumably paid for by the licence fee, giving some figures and asking what is better value for money: BBC or Sky?

No mention of the fact that funding Murdoch is a choice while funding the cocaine and rent-boy lifestyle of Beebsters is COMPULSARY!

Look out for a story soon about how 93.78% of the population support the licence fee.

Anonymous said...


Dear God in heaven, surely not......!

But then: 97% of scientists agree!?

Anonymous said...

This Libya stuff is all well and good and I hope the rebels eventually formulate a pleasant Mediterranean country full of ancient treasures to visit - I genuinely mean that.

But what I really, really want to see is how Blair, Brown and Mandelson react when all the horrors of the Gadaffi regime are reported in full and how the public react and the press react to the previous sickening fawning and freeloading of those three bastards during Gadaffi's time in power. And I don't think Alex Salmond is going to come out of this too well either.

Who will be the first reporter to make this link between our previous dear leaders and Gadaffi family atrocities and then press it for all it's worth?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I'm quite happy to pay the BBC tax to keep Radio 3 going. I don't watch broadcast TV, but I do use the BBC news web site.

My impression is that the Middle East section of the BBC is staffed with Arabs who are pro-Palestininan, anti-Israel, pro-dictators, anti-freedom.

Lee said...

The BBC has had a couple of bad months; coming a long way behind Sky on the coverage of Libya and the riots.

By the way; has anyone seen the clip of the BBC newsreaders describing live images from Tripoli which were actually from India?

Cock-up or conspiracy? I don't really care, because I want nothing to do with the BBC, however there's a slight problem...

Greg Tingey said...

You morons are still using TV for news?