Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another compromised ACPO police boss quits

The ranks of ACPO, the secretive private firm set up by police bosses, are rapidly being depleted as a wave of corruption, malfeasance, peculation and improper conduct amongst the nation's top policemen and ACPO members is being exposed and the capi are resigning in droves. The latest Met helmet to roll is Asst Commissioner Ian McPherson; he joins Peter Clarke, Andy Hayman, Paul Stephenson and John Yates in jumping before he was pushed. In addition to its most senior uniformed plods, the Met has also seen its most senior civilian manager leave under a dark cloud. In Cleveland both the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable have been arrested for corruption, and enquiries continue among other forces into their own bent bosses. 

This is the same cohort of senior officers who protest so vehemently that the police are in no need of any democratic oversight, and that police bosses should remain unaccountable. 


MTG said...

Considering the misconduct of top rankers who even fell wide of the large safety net provided by police FreeMasonry, the more pertinent question is whether the UK has trustworthy policemen at any level.

English Pensioner said...

My spy in the Met tells me that the new boss is a hard man, he is hard on himself and expects everybody else to be the same.
Perhaps this resignation is a result of his arrival; you simply can't expect the ordinary bobby on the beat not to take a backhander if the bosses are blatantly taking "gifts".
My complaint is that people who have broken the rules, or even the expected code of conduct, are simply allowed to resign.