Tuesday, 13 September 2011

MPs would be wise not to protest too much

MPs who squeal too loudly about the proposed constituency boundary changes risk alienating voters even further from support for the three main parties. Our current Electoral Quota, the number of electors for each MP, has been described as 'off the scale' of international democratic standards by electoral expert Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. Many advanced democracies have an EQ of +/- 3%; the government proposals are more moderate, seeking to bring this within +/- 5%. It's not ideal, but a good start, and achievable before the next election. 

The reported sycnchonised whine by Conservative MPs that it makes their safe seats more marginal will be welcomed by voters. Electors want their constituencies to be marginal; it means their votes matter. It makes MPs more accountable. Squealing that the moves will detract from an MP's sense of entitlement will find no echoes amongst the public. Labour MPs will whinge that the changes reverse the Brownite perversion of 'fairness' under which socialists should enjoy preferential treatment over other voters. Again, the public will see though this easily enough. 

This is another situation in which restoring public confidence in Parliament requires MPs to keep their mouths shut and get on with it. They won't, of course; their instincts for self-interest will overcome any altruistic intrusions about the greater public good. 


Anonymous said...


Maybe when we had a legislature, now all we need is an executive to roll out EU diktats.

Anonymous said...

It would be far better if they stopped their moaning and got on with their job of sorting out this country.
The whole country is verging on the edge of revolt and the Government need to sort out their own good from bad to start earning respect, we simply cannot have crooks telling us to obey the law.
Do something about it Mr.Cameron, your time is limited.

James Higham said...

Trouble is - who's left to vote for?