Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Not the NHS, but electoral reform

Any reforms of the NHS generate more heat than light in debate, and it's an area of service provision in which the usual rules sometimes don't apply; generally, Localists shy away from making simple pronouncements about health structures. Take the Localist tenet that services should be delivered at the lowest possible economic level - but would you rather have your triple bypass done by a surgeon in a regional centre who carries out the procedure twenty times a month, or one in a cottage hospital who does three bypasses a year? Reforming the NHS is a bit like making Gesso. One has to stir a bucket of Plaster of Paris and water constantly, not pausing for a moment, to achieve the thin cream required rather than the lumpy sediment that nature seeks. 

So you'll forgive me if I abstain from pronouncing on NHS reform. I don't think it's the important Parliamentary story, anyway; that comes next week, when the Conservatives attempt to reform our rotten and corrupt constituency boundaries against the self-interest of the rotten and corrupt MPs of the Libdem and Labour parties. Watch this space. 

Blogging may be difficult over the next couple of days as I'll be reliant on mobile phone alone. 


Robert said...

Yesterdays Panorama with Gerry Robinson on the health service was very enlightening. The best bit was the GP who was busing his patients up to Harley Street for scans because the local hospitals were always fully booked and wasting money and staff time on useless practices.

English Pensioner said...

We need to cut the administration and the rest would probably sort itself out.
Two local hospitals have been "merged" avoiding duplicating services and cutting medical staff.
However on the admin side, each had a finance office; both are still in post and there is now also a Chief finance officer. The same also apparently with other departments such as purchasing and overall management. Plus extra liaison staff to ensure conformity of policy.
This is where the money goes.

Greg Tingey said...

ONE error.
You SHOULD have said:
"the self-interest of the rotten and corrupt MPs of all the political parties."
Here they deliberately carved up wards/constituencies so that there was a garuanteed Tory seat, a garuanteed LieBour seat, and NO MARGINAL AT ALL .....
This too, has to be stopped.

outsider said...

The NHS & Social Care Bill increasingly reminds me of rail privatisation: a hugely complex wiring exercise designed to promote competition, which never happened. In that case, economic reality gradually cut out much of the wiring. In this case, there will be loads of new bureaucratic bodies that will build empires, desperately try to justify their existence by interfering with each other and with the public. After various rethinks and concessions, the planned cuts in bureaucratic and management costs will not happen. We shall have to see about competition. I would not bet on it but as taxpayers we are all betting vast sums on it.