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Saturday, 31 December 2011

For what we are about to receive ......

There has been a sense that this break has been the last leave before the big offensive. A feeling that rather than being the raucus, uninhibited celebration of the end of the old year and the starting of the new, it has been a time of rest and recuperation, of checking equipment and buckles, making good defects and preparing to go over the top. There are very few to whom I've spoken over the holiday who don't believe that 2012 will be a year like few others. Just as August 1914 marked the end of the nineteenth century, 2012 could mark the end of the twentieth. 

The advice I'm giving myself is to be prepared for anything, to learn from the Jews who left Germany in 1938. Lives and the bonds of family are infinitely more important than wealth and property. Change can come suddenly, violently and unpredictably and we will need one another, will need to rediscover the benefits of mutual assistance, once the realisation comes that governments will be as powerless and insecure as a fishing shack before a Tsunami. 

There's also been a shakeout going on around the world in which the division is marked not by politics or ideology but but by morality. Those who would follow the Archangel Michael and take a spear to the Devil, who would oppose sleaze, peculation, jobbery, corruption, fraud, deception, nepotism, inequity, selfishness and the compassionless exploitation and use of others please line up this side. We're going to be fighting hard against a determined enemy in 2012. 

As for currencies and economies, the Euro will collapse in 2012 of course, as will the economies of Greece, Italy, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and probably France. Yes, Japan. And intergenerational conflict will loom large - and not as simple as generations X and Y versus the boomers. We boomers must really learn that life is about quality, not quantity, and that sucking in the resources of the planet to extend our lives by another quarter-year really isn't the most equitable use of resources. Frankly, we need to start dying in larger numbers. Then X and Y can have our stuff whilst they're young enough to enjoy it. 

There will be destruction and disorder; our traditions, our honour, our kinships will be thrown down as much as our churches and our council halls. We must rebuild. We must make an alliance between the generations that uses the strength of the young and the wisdom of the old together to build anew our communities and culture. 

Over Christmas a memory has returned of something I've forgotten for forty years - the late-night service of Compline we used to celebrate in the school chapel. It's always been my favourite text in the breviary (well, the pre-1974 version, anyway) not least because my Latin at the time was good enough to realise that 

Hostémque nostrum cómprime,
Ne polluántur córpora

Didn't quite mean the same as the sanitised version sung by the monks;
Our ghostly enemy restrain,
Lest ought of sin our bodies stain.

But mainly I loved the line "Brethren, be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour".

And if I've any advice to impart for 2012, that's it. 


Greg Tingey said...

I hate to agree with you, about almost eveyting in your post, but you may be right.

The exception, of course is christianity - it's a religion - it is thus,by definition, evil and corrupt and bloody-handed.
The only reason it is not currently as bad as islam (or rather the islamicists) is the extra 622 years its' had to be beaten down by the forces of reason and pity and compassion and knowledge.

However, I was present at Liverpool Street station two years back for the arrival of the "Winton Train" (Pictures HERE: )
And every time I walk in/out of that station I pass the "Kindertransport" statue.

Anonymous said...

Yes 2012 will be a much thicker bunch of pages in future history.
The secret will be to somehow avoid being among them.
The worst bits anyhow.
What we potentially got here.
Financial collapse.
Civil disobedience.

Someone left the stable door open, the four riders are saddling up I think.

Anonymous said...

The german scratcher got it wrong. There are 5 apocolyptic horses. The last one is humour.

Budgie said...

No, the euro won't collapse.

The EU has just replaced two democratically elected presidents by fiat. Yes, read that again. The EU has flexed its muscles and imposed two EU dictators. And there has been hardly a squeak of protest.

Are we blind? Have we lost all sense of right governance? We should be outraged.

I suspect the EU hardly dared believe it would get away with it. When it recovers from its surprise, the EU now has carte blanche to do anything to ensure the survival of the euro.

So strong is the EU (and its euro) that it will brush the weak, dim, delusional, inept Cameron aside with ease. There is much more danger that the UK will be sucked into the eurozone than that the euro will collapse.

Anonymous said...

Good post Raewald and a dark one at that but starkly pragmatic.

The Maelstrom, it is coming, family and friends are so very important.

People, who scoff at religion do not know what they miss, a fundamental and necessary inspiration of perpetual succour, comfort and spiritual counsel in these times of massive upheaval and stress.
Our forbears, clung to the rites and the church was their bastion and they were far worthier men than me, as they did then, we too, now desperately require the church for it's strength, coherence and certitude.
The church, kept Western civilisation alive in and through the dark ages, most ignore its tradition and they will be lost in the coming storm.

Elby the Beserk said...

"There's also been a shakeout going on around the world in which the division is marked not by politics or ideology but but by morality. Those who would follow the Archangel Michael and take a spear to the Devil, who would oppose sleaze, peculation, jobbery, corruption, fraud, deception, nepotism, inequity, selfishness and the compassionless exploitation and use of others please line up this side. We're going to be fighting hard against a determined enemy in 2012. "

Aye to that Raddled. Ready for action.

GT. Religion. I'm not a Christian, not baptised (carry-carrying Atheist as parents), but the Christian message is a good one. And not to be confused with the institution of Christianity as manifested in its various hierarchies; here, in the UK, we see the head of the CofE intent on its destruction, hand in hand with the Labour party's destruction of England from within.

Islam however is another matter; the message. and the institution are largely the same, and entirely inimical to what the West at its vest represents. Islam is still stuck in the 16th Century.

Message - do not confuse the Christian and their Church.

Greg Tingey said...

I lnow exactlyt what I'm missing, I'm glad to say - I was brought up evngelical.
I miss the bogotry, and the conemning of people for their parents' "sinns" so they were born with Downs; syndrome, and the rejection of half the population as inferior and subject (Women - try reading that bastard Saul of Tarsus)
I see you've bought into the deliberate lie about the church saving civilisation, whereas the opposite is the case.

Elly the Bersek.
And how does one do that?
As an engineer, I judge by results.
A christian should also judge by results - Yeshua TOLD you to, didn''t he? ("Judge a tree by the fruit it bears")
And you STILL swallow that bullshit.
Grrr ....
I suggest you go and read some real history.

hatfield girl said...

'The EU has just replaced two democratically elected presidents by fiat.'

Have I missed something ? Which two European presidents have been replaced?

The last two administrations to change in Europe have been Spain and Italy; Spain had a general election and chose a centre right government to replace Zapatero's social democrats; Italy isn't due a general election (it has five-yer fixed-term parliaments) until 2013 so when Berlusconi's government fell the elected President Napolitano consulted according to the constitutional rules and invited Monti to form an administration if he could command a majority in both Houses - which he did, and can. Ministers are not necessarily members of Parliament under the Italian constitution but an administration must be able to command the Parliament.

Democracy has more than one mode and some modes can be more acceptable than that practiced in the UK where the hereditary head of state is so uncomfortably placed within a democracy she has to avoid any suggestion of political involvement, a status and behaviour that would be illegal in Italy.

Barnacle Bill said...

Maybe a tad dramatic young Raewald, but your correct in trying to alert everyone, get them prepared.
As one famous orator said : "There are too many known unknowns ..."

@ hatfield girl - I suspect the faceless ones of the EU played a big part in changing the Greek & Italian leadership.

Anyway I'll wish one and all Happy New Year.

Budgie said...

Hatfield Girl - Both Greek and Italian presidents have been replaced by EU placemen. "Legal" it may be, democratic it is not. The EU has just flexed its muscles. And most people are oblivious.

Cromwell said...

Our futures hang by a thread, decided by incompetents.You can submit to that fact or you can decide you will not participate in societal downfall.

Financially, it does not matter which currency you think will survive, the plain fact is that pretty pieces of paper have no intrinsic value and can be easily and massively devalued, wiping out a lifetimes effort literally overnight. Govern yourself accordingly.

The Tottenham riots and the ensuing two days of mayhem illustrated how quickly the police can be overwhelmed. Defense of your property and lives can only satisfactorily be achieved by you and your neighbours. If you have no way to escape from the city you need to be prepared.

I hope you all possess the ability to make the next and coming years survivable and to the extent possible happy. I do not think Raedwalds latin texts are melodramatic, more is the pity.

Anonymous said...

Yoiu make it sound like a rerun of 'ein folk' with gas chambers in the wings. As for 'generation x and y' who are these people - the chinese , indonesians, the somali, who?
As for 'living a bit longer' you seem to think the old are non worthy or useful - so they are not worth any keep. You might find they can take you with them.

outsider said...

After your dark post, Raedwald, it seems almost frivolous to wish you a happy new year but I do so all the same.
You are right that the lesson long ago learned by those for whom persecution was the historical norm should now be learned by the rest of us: that we cannot put our faith in institutions, whether of the state, the international order, churches, parties, trade unions or law but look to take control of our own small worlds and rely on our own mental and moral resources. 2012 may well be the year of survival (hopefully not in the warped American survivalist sense) of rebuilding from the individual, the family and the community. And if Mr Tingey and others do not like established religions, to build frameworks of meaning and spirit that can embrace and make sense to all of us.

anon anon said...

Wishing a good 2012 to Raedwald and all who meet at this place. May you enjoy the best in this most impossible of worlds.

Anonymous said...

For those that commented about 'regime change' in Italy and Greece, I reckon that we did indeed witness such a thing… The EC will always uses a member state's particular system to its advantage…

Just as in the days following May 1st 2010, the CONDEMolition was cobbled together, with 'Nick' Clegg as the 'deputy' prime mincer…

Pull the other one Derek Hatton (former 'deputy' leader of Liverpool Council).

Every encounter between the EU council or commission and Cameron will go the right way for the former, because Clegg holds the whip hand.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a big party on 21st December 2012, just prior to the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

"For those that commented about 'regime change' in Italy and Greece, I reckon that we did indeed witness such a thing… The EC will always uses a member state's particular system to its advantage…"

In a UK context, I think of it as if Cameron's administration had collapsed and 'someone' appoints Neil Kinnock to head up the new 'caretaker' administration.

Wouldn't that be fine and dandy?

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is going to be a momentous year.

The Euro is going to collapse and in due course, the EU will start to disintegrate. I hope the Government really has made contingency plans and the financial bods in The City have reduced our exposure as much as possible.

On the plus side, we will see who our true friends are in the world and they're not found the other side of the English Channel. We will learn once again that our 'international family' in The Commonwealth is the one that must be maintained and cultivated - not what remains of the EZ/EU 'club.'

Stock up on essentials; batten down the hatches. There's a storm coming.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Raedwald, I have enjoyed your writings in 2011 and will continue to enjoy and support them in 2012.

Whilst I agree that there is much wrong and much to put right, may I paint a somewhat alternative view?

2012 could (and should) be the year where our so-called lords and masters are themselves exposed for their real worth. The peoples of our nations need to ridicule and mock their "naked emporer" as he struts down the street, only to be become aware that his fine clothes are nought but his own illusion and that he is, in fact, a fat oaf; vein and vacuous in his pomposity. It is my sincere hope that we all will recognise the value that our leaders do not bring to our lives, and that we shall shed them by merely shrugging them off as irrelevent and by ignoring their petty diktats.

2012 could and should be the year thet we the people, take back our own lives and our own destinies and cast the empty vessels out at sea where they can do no more harm. Then, and only then, can we be free to run happy and harmonious lives, sure the comfort of our own parish. Its up to us.

A happy New Year to you from...

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Judge a tree by its fruit.

So is is with the Christian faith. Our civilisation would not have even got off the ground had it not been for Christians who picked up the scattered remnants of the collapsed Roman empire.

Greg Tingey said...

Oh dear, not ANOTHER idiot swallowing the christian lies about how they "saved civilisation".

What there was, was saved in Byzantium and Alexandria, and some of that by the muslims before they too went the way of denying knowledge, after about 1100, and proclaiming "faith" was more important than knowledge.

Unless it was (carefully-censored) Plato or Aritotle, all pre-christian philosophy was banned by the churches.

As for judging a tree by its fruit - yes.
That's why Im an atheist.